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Modern Indian Palace in Bhogpur, India by Space Race Architects

Project name:
Modern Indian Palace
Architecture firm:
Space Race Architects
Bhogpur, Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Inclined Studio
Principal architect:
Thakur Udayveer Singh
Design team:
Ritika Singh
Interior design:
Built area:
13905 ft² (54.6 x 164 ft)
Site area:
8954 ft²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Mr. Gupta
Environmental & MEP:
Space Race Architects
Tools used:
Auto CAD, Google SketchUp
Flooring: Italian Stone + Stonex + Wooden Laminates + PERGO. Wall Cladding: Italian Stone + Stonex + Indian Stone + Locally Sourced.
Mr. Raj Kumar
Residential › House

Space Race Architects: Tilt and turn, that’s how we learn! Studies say that if the façade looks complex and interesting, it affects the visitors in a positive way. Also, monumental-scale buildings have always witnessed ‘wow’ at the very first glance. It not only represents the wealth and luxury of its occupants but also makes them feel inspired and valuable.

We, at Space Race Architects, designed a house whose façade is an art of craft and whose spatial volume reflects the ‘palatial’ feel.

The site is situated in a small town of Bhogpur, a place where architecture is merely about building a house rather than designing a home. The client wanted a high-end luxury residence, plotted opposite to where they were already residing. Hence, it became quite important for us to design a house that stands apart considering the status of our client.

Conceptualizing the idea of ‘old palace’ into modern palace, we tried incorporating the traditional Indian architecture mouldings with modern elemental features. Since our client had a very busy lifestyle, our idea as architects was to design a space where they could live the ‘new’ definition of relaxation. We focused on the overall transformation of luxury living and well-being by integrating nature in our outdoor and indoor spaces.

The 5099 sq. ft. plot uproots high boundary walls like that of a palace to create a sense of security and privacy. It is thoughtfully designed with stones and decorative lights that beautifully lit up the walkways at night. As you enter the premise, the monumental scale welcomes you with its uniqueness and emotion of appreciation. The wall-clad with Italian stone of beige tone and dark-colour wooden offsets highlight the abstract elevation of the façade.

image © Inclined Studio

Since this side of the house is north-facing, large openings with glass bring in ample amounts of daylight into the living areas. Vertical element to the left of the main door, on the Gwalior stones is engraved – ‘Jai Shri Ram’; a positive approach to meet and greet the guests before they step inside out. The spatial organization on the ground floor consists of formal and informal living areas, kitchen and dining space and two bedrooms, while the upper floor accommodates three master bedrooms.

Within this spacious open layout on the ground floor, all the formal spaces are volumetric in scale. The kitchen is located on the rear side of the house i.e. it faces the south. Hence, we connected the east-facing service corridor with the kitchen to bring in dramatic light through cut-outs above.  The beautiful spiral staircase of white marble treads and solid black marble banisters leads to the upper floor hallway with bedrooms. Every room has small landscape pockets creating personal intimate space which connects the occupants with nature. Each of them also consists of large wardrobes and dressing areas.

image © Inclined Studio

The decorative lights such as the intricately designed chandelier above the spiral staircase gives a sense of volume while also acting as sculpture, and the ones in the shape of birds bring in the idea of living with nature indoors. We used repetitive single lights inside to make the space feel spacious. The interior walls are cladded with Italian stones for glossy and glamorous ambience considering the choice and requirement of the client.

“The elevation structure and design was a challenge in itself for the local contractors to create that design in concrete.” With great teamwork, we set an example of- the timeless tilts and turns that reflects transformation in its own way!

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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