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La Font 61 House in Spain by Miquel Lacomba Architects

Project name:
La Font 61 House
Architecture firm:
Miquel Lacomba Architects
La Font 61, Pollença, Mallorca, Spain
Mauricio Fuertes
Principal architect:
Miquel Lacomba
Design team:
Miquel Lacomba
Interior design:
Miquel Lacomba
Built area:
385 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Matias Nicolau
Miquel Lacomba Architects
Miquel Lacomba
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Vray
Residential, House

Designed by Mallorca-based architecture studio Miquel Lacomba Architects, La Font 61 House located in La Font 61 , Pollença, Mallorca, Spain.

Architect's statement: The project is located at the urban complex “La Font” in Pollença at the base of an impressive limestone mountain. The project was commissioned by the Bauzà family, thanks to whom I have been able to explore further possibilities on my work field, looking for naked and simple lines, seeking wider perspectives. The house is located at the back of the plot, facing south, maintaining the existing forest of pine and oak trees, framing the mountain's profile. The exterior of the housing, made of sandstone, uniformly covers facades, sloping roofs and roadways so that it can be observed as a single piece. 

modern house with illumination at night image © Mauricio Fuertes

The distribution is developed mainly on one level, except the first floor. One sole space integrates kitchen, dining room and living area. Specific furniture and a central wooden staircase being the connection, define the use of these areas.  Along this line we find the porch, where the sliding blinds work as filters for the light and also maintains intimacy.  The wooden staircase leads to the master bedroom and also to the two-floor open studio. When entering the bedrooms from the living areas, the floors change from stone to wood.  The location of the pool as well as the rest of the exterior spaces offers direct links to the natural environment of the surroundings.

house with pool image © Mauricio Fuertes

house with white facade and wooden windows frame image © Mauricio Fuertes

wooden slide door image © Mauricio Fuertes

cozy living room with grey sofa image © Mauricio Fuertes

living room with TVimage © Mauricio Fuertes

dining table next to kitten image © Mauricio Fuertes

modern kitchen with wooden dining table image © Mauricio Fuertes

bathtub in bathroom image © Mauricio Fuertes

bedroom with modern bathroom  image © Mauricio Fuertes

office desk and chair image © Mauricio Fuertes

terrace with outdoor furniture image © Mauricio Fuertes

ground floor plan Site & Ground Floor Plan 

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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