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Hilca House in Colima, Mexico designed by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Project name:
Casa Hilca
Architecture firm:
Di Frenna Arquitectos
Av las Parotas 20, Fraccionamiento Residencial las Parotas. Villa de Alvarez, Colima, Mexico
Oscar Hernández
Principal architect:
Matia Di Frenna Muller
Design team:
Matia Di Frenna Müller, Mariana De la Mora
Juan Guardado Avila, Hugo saucedo
Interior design:
Built area:
516 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Juan Guardado
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Steel, Glass, Concrete, Wood
Residential › House

Completed in 2018 by Colima-based architecture firm Di Frenna Arquitectos, Casa Hilca is a single-family home located in Colima City in Mexico

Architect's statement: The main facade stands out for its play of volumes composed of two elements with a lot of presence, a vertical stone element of stone from the Colima volcanoes and transversely a horizontal element formed by reinforced concrete walls and steel beams. Breaking the continuity of this, a fine wooden lattice used as a sunscreen creates a play of light and shadows on the interior of the house.

The interior presents high spaces defined by the change in slab heights that create a very social and familiar atmosphere. The main centre of Casa Hilca is the huge Parota tree in the backyard, contrasting the use of bare concrete. The tree constantly changes the atmosphere of the interior of the house for its lights and shadows, with each season of the year looking completely different.

modern house in Colima Cityimage © Oscar Hernández 

The materials chosen for Casa Hilca were on one hand very cold materials (bare concrete, steel beams, grey, white and black colours). These were contrasted with very warm materials (wood, natural stone), thus achieving a balance. Colima is a very warm state, which is why we chose to play with tall spaces and fresh materials such as concrete and stone, avoiding placing the windows on the west wall and protecting them with lattices.

concrete house surrounded by vegetation

living room with double volume ceiling

wooden dining table

luxury marble kitchen

wooden dining table and chairs

wooden staircase

master bedroom interior

steel stricture columns and beams

pendant lamps in living room

house backyard with big tree

modern residence in nature

modern house with old tree in garden

volcanic stones used in facade

natural stone pavement

Hilca House in Colima, Mexico designed by Di Frenna Arquitectos

single family home with illumination at night

concrete home at night

single family residence at night

house illuminated at night

luxury house in Mexico

house car parking

entrance concrete steps

goround floor plan

first floor plan

backside elevation

main elevation

architectural section drawing

architecture section drawing


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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