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Black Diamond House in Buffalo, New York by asap/adam sokol architecture practice

Project name:
Black Diamond House
Architecture firm:
asap/adam sokol architecture practice
Buffalo, New York
Principal architect:
Adam Sokol
Design team:
Adam Sokol, AIA, principal, Boris Morin-Defoy, principal designer
Interior design:
Adam Sokol
Built area:
1,935 ft²
Site area:
1,935 ft²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Tredo Engineers
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Polished concrete, birch plywood, plaster, and glass tile
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asap/adam sokol architecture practice: Situated on an urban infill site, this house builds on Buffalo’s rich architectural heritage, with works by Frank Lloyd Wright and H.H. Richardson only steps away. But rather than looking only to the past, the house offers a model for twenty-first century urban life, with a soaring interior space organized around views, nature and daylight. At the same time, the exterior respects the massing and rhythm of the historic neighborhood in which it is situated.

So as to fit into the urban context, the design began with the exterior volume of the house that previously occupied this site and burned down. From this starting point, adjustments were made to accommodate programmatic priorities: one wall was angled back six degrees to improve daylight to the adjacent house; volumes were subtracted to accommodate a parking space, a porch and a terrace; and the ridge line was shifted off-center to capture the best possible view of Richardson’s monumental psychiatric center.

The design eschews ostentatious materials in favor of simple finishes - polished concrete, birch plywood, plaster, and glass tile - so as to make the ever-changing daylight the focus of the space. The constant play of light on the interior surfaces is essentially the decor of the house, offering the opportunity to consider one’s place in the world and contemplate the passage of time.

black wooden house

wooden walls

upper floor staircase

wooden staircase design

wooden staircase detail

bed sheet and pillow

wooden terrace and bench

bathroom with skylight

Black Diamond House in Buffalo, New York by asap

house view in a snowy day

modern house with illumination at night

section drawing

architecture section drawing

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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