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Bal Harbour Residence designed by SDH Studio Architecture + Design

Set in a magnificent corner lot in Bal Harbour Village the site is filled with natural light. This contemporary home is conceived as an open floor plan that integrates indoor with outdoor maximizing family living and entertaining, designed by Miami-based architecture firm SDH Studio Architecture + Design

Architct's statement: Nestled in a corner lot in the heart of Bal Harbour Village this home was designed for a family that enjoys family life, entertaining and outdoor living. 
Taking advantage of its unique location, the design explores a play of volumes and planes that create an interesting balance between interior privacy and outdoor views. The interior of the home was conceived as an open floorplan, space is bathed in natural light while being completely surrounded by the spectacular views of the exterior landscape.

Bal Harbour Residence designed by SDH Studio Architecture + Designimage © Robin Hill

reflection of the house in pool

contemporary home in Florida

light bulb illuminating the house

concrete steps used for the entrance

outdoor landscape

the facade covered with big windows

entrance wooden door

an open living room letting the natural light enters

modern staircase

large glass table

dining table set near to the staircase

glass handrail used for the stair

beige sofa in the living area

glossy kitchen with big glass windows

modern glossy kitchen

L- shape grey saof and bar stools

white bathtub in bathroom

bathroom design

luxury white bathtub

the opened entrance door

mirror at the entrance of the house

double volume living room with high ceiling

colored frame hanged on the white wall

net chairs with glass table

washing basin made of black marble

baed with mattress


Bal Harbour Residence in Florida

reflection of palm trees in the swimming pool

outdoor furniture near pool

three palm trees located in front of the house in Florida United States

white exterior facade

Project name: Bal Harbour Residence

Architecture firm: SDH Studio Architecture + Design 

Location: Bal Harbour, Florida, United States

Year: 2019

Site area: 12446 ft²

Project area: 6838 ft²

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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