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2X3 - Triplex en Urca, Córdoba, Argentina by CHOZA. Espacio de Arquitectura

Project name:
2X3 – Triplex en Urca
Architecture firm:
CHOZA. Espacio de Arquitectura
Urca, Córdoba City, Argentina
Andrés Dominguez
Principal architect:
M. Clara Amoedo Fiore, Agustina Calamari
Design team:
Pilar Flores, Gonzalez Pablo Santos, Josefina Ciocca
Interior design:
Built area:
300 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Edgar Morán
Environmental & MEP:
Hilda Moratello
Centeno Centeno Ingeniería + CHOZA. Espacio de Arquitectura
Tools used:
Adrián Calderón Construcciones
Concrete, Brick, Glass, Wood
Residential › House

CHOZA. Espacio de Arquitectura: This project is the result of changes within a family that renews itself, from which the idea of recycling the existing family properties is born. The intervention seeks to adapt the existing leisure spaces to new living dynamics and needs.

A dense program on a narrow north-south lot that used to be a soccer field, two paired three level houses - triplex - are developed both vertically and horizontally, directing the program towards the backyard reformulating the typical model of Argentinian casa de medio patio (half patio house), where the void of the patios is the main articulator of all the interior spaces.

The two houses are located in a residential neighborhood near the Suquía river in Cordoba, where an existing studio house that adjoins the triplexes accompanies the new blocks and completes the set of buildings in a functional and visual way.

The first level is articulated along three patios and condenses daily leisure activities: a living room, kitchen & dining room, and a service spot in the back. A front access parking patio, an intermediate green patio that serves as a vertical connection for the two high-rise chorizo ​​houses, and a back patio that combines vegetation and a resting space.

The first floor is the most private level including two en-suite bedrooms that finish off the north and south facades, cushioned by circulation along the middle patio and a working desk corner that enables the new post-pandemic ways of life.

The third and last level hosts a morphologically disruptive structure covered by sheet metal that reinforces horizontal discontinuity while vertically unifying the triple height houses. This aesthetics contrasts with the brick blocks that dialogue with the adjoining loft up to a second level. One studio and the two triplexes close the complex. A complex that reveals itself as continuous and discontinuous at the same time.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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