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With a "boho" but contemporary concept, the 130m² house has a functional layout and a project signed by NOSSA Casa Arquitetura

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Nossa Casa Arquitetura
Santana do Paraíba, São Paulo, Brazil
Cacá Bratke
Principal architect:
Daniele Capo
Design team:
Daniele Capo
Interior design:
Daniele Capo
Built area:
Site area:
130 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Monolithic: Protecnica - Mr Lime Beton Pebbles: Pallimanan. Loose furniture: Westwing, Ateliê Petrópolis Technical lighting: EfeitoLuz. Valentina Coating: Roca and Decortiles. Couple Bath Coating: Pallimanan and Decortiles Bath lining: Decortiles .
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"The house is a mix of sensory experiences, full of touch, feel and discovery. As well as being a completely functional and usable project, not just aesthetic." To meet the needs and desires of the client, for ahouse totally focused on nature, sea, fresh air and that had a touch of coziness, the architect and interior designer Daniele Capo, responsible for running the office NOSSA Casa Arquitetura, gathered affection, lightness and spontaneity to put this architectural project into practice. In the 130m2 house located in Santana do Paraíba, in São Paulo, it is the second project that the office carries out for the young couple and their daughter.

The main need was a house that would work very well on a daily basis, but that was also adapted to receive friends and family without changing the family dynamics. To meet these demands, th e office chose to leave the first floor, where the living room and kitchen are located, fully integra ted with the outdoor area that, when open, keeps all environments connected.

For the idealization of the project, the architect was inspired by nature, for this reason natural materials were the key point of the whole project, among them: stones, biribas, pebbles and straw. The more natural proposal gives the project a more "boho" concept, although still with a contemporary touch. The idea was not to work with a proje ct in a single concept, so it was decided to mix styles, making the house functional and with an aesthetic pleasing to the eye.

Once the client's needs were understood and the aesthetics of the project were defined - elements that were the key piece - all its development happened in afluid and harmonious way. The combi nation of natural elements was essential throughout the process. The stones were used in several versions and different applications, among them: Moledo, São Tomé and Seixo. Theother elements used were biriba, straw, wood and natural stone monolithic.

Moledo stone was used on the wall of the outdoor area, São Tomé on the floor and barbecue and pebbles in the bathrooms. The biriba was used to make a dif ferentiated lining both in the toilet and in the coverage of the external area. Wood is a material present in all environments of the house, while straw was used punctually in some joinery and lamps.

Another element that was widely used by the office is the natural stone monolithic that gives a na tural and cozy air to the environments, as was the case of the living room walls, kitchen countert ops, floor, toilet wall and wall and ceiling of the couple's bedroom.

The mix of materials and lighting are the differential of this project. Thehouse is transformed wh en the sunset arrives and the lighting comes into play, having an essential role in the project, in the external area, the office chose to use Gambiarra and spit lamps, with a lower one, creating a more cozy atmosphere. In the internal area, each environment has some important detail of indirect lighting. For this reason the house is so special at night and the scenery changes completely.

In addition to the natural finishes, some points that stand out are the wall with niches, the dining table and the outdoor area that has a jabuticaba tree that g ives aspecial call to space.

In the bedroom environment, some elements help in its composition, in the single room, the bed and the closet give a special touch, already in the double room headbo ard in pebbles along with the monolithic painting left the environment with a cozy look. For the landscaping in the outdoor area, the existing floor of the side corridor was removed and a lawn was made with São Tome stone steps and the whole side with Lavender.

In the area that integrates the barbecue, the office chose to insert the jabuticaba tree in the space a nd continue with the Lavender throughout the length of this area. The house is a mix of sensory experiences, full of touch, feel and discovery. In addition to being a completely functional and usable project, not only aesthetic.


The office Nossa Casa Arquitetura is led by interior designer Daniele Capo and develops residential and commercial architecture and interior design projects. With solutions that balance elements, textures, ideas and understand environmental, social and architectural contexts for elegant, comfortable, functional and, above all, cozy results, the projects stand out for making spaces more pleasant places to live and interact.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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