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The Fisherman’s Cabin by Jenifer Haider Chowdhury

Project name:
The Fisherman’s Cabin
Architecture firm:
J’s Archistry
Beside A Beautiful River
Tools used:
Midjourney 6 Alpha, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Jenifer Haider Chowdhury
Design team:
Jenifer Haider Chowdhury
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Concept - Design
Futuristic Architecture

Jenifer Haider Chowdhury: I think fishermen are the happiest people in the world. Living in a far distance from a noisy and busy place and experiencing the ethereal beauty of infinite water is something luxury they have. They live beside the river banks where every day new stories and myths are made. They kind of live in an illusional world where the rhythmic sound of the river stream and calming breeze take them to a dream-like magical world. It just feels serene and quiet yet they feel so brave to embark on their journey to the infinite water to catch fish. Their day starts with seeing a vast water as far as they can look and ends with a mystical view of sparkly dark water under the big moon and starry sky.

Sometimes they experience bizarre yet beautiful natural abstractness during sunset, sunrise, or when the weather is cloudy and stormy. They see many magical mysterious things on the water that create delusional fairytales and they become a part of those stories. So, as their life is very unique, undoubtedly they deserve a unique architecture for their living which can blend with the moody innocence of the mysterious river and bring a kind of serene calming rest after their courageous adventure in the vast river.

So, I tried to visualize some cabin-like architecture for them which has a unique sustainable style. Collecting the local sands and making sand ripples-like structures by 3D sand printing technology and integrating them with the fish net make a unique sustainable aesthetics for them.  Some of them are only for one person and some are for the families. Also, I visualized some community spaces for them where they can hang out together while enjoying the beautiful weather of the surroundings. Their architecture is the maker of their own stories. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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