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Literaturcafé in Pöcking, Germany by WSM Architekten

Project name:
Literaturcafé in Pöcking
Architecture firm:
WSM Architekten
Pöcking, Bayern, Germany
Sascha Kletzsch
Principal architect:
Design team:
Verein „Literaturcafé Waschhäusl“
Built area:
25 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Stimmer Landschaftsarchitekten
WSM Architekten
Tools used:
Wood, Glass
Gemeinde Pöcking
Hospitality › Cafe

WSM Architekten: The subject of the modification was the old Laundry house, which stands in the garden of the “Altes Pfarrhaus”, which was renovated five years ago, and for a long time was used only as a storage room.

However, due to its charming size and special location, the Laundry house showed potential for a small café for library visitors or other guests. The concept consisted of a prudent modernization. The old shell was to be preserved. Only the wood-frame area was replaced by generous glazing. Inside, the Waschhäusl was completely renovated and isolated. Only the existing, open roof structure was visibly preserved and rehabilitated.

image © Sascha Kletzsch

The entire room now houses the kitchen with bar and the seating area of the café. An ideal view of the inner courtyard of the old vicarage, the so-called "literature garden", greets the visitor. Behind it, the view opens out across the cemetery into the landscape. The glazing can be opened to a small terrace in front of the Waschhäusl. This creates the possibility of offering outdoor seating in summer.

The literature garden surrounding the café was designed by Stimmer Landschaftsarchitekten. It should be emphasized that the association "Literaturcafé Waschhäusl" brought this remarkable project to life in cooperation with the municipality. The project was developed with countless volunteer hours. Both the renovation and the actual operation is maintained in volunteer work.

Café Waschhäusl offers a space for reading and accommodates new ideas, as well as a setting for literary circles, storytelling evenings, live music events and small art exhibitions.

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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