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A vibrant two-level apartment with the atmosphere of a country home by Yulia Golavskaya

Project name:
A vibrant two-level apartment with the atmosphere of a country home
Architecture firm:
Yulia Golavskaya
Moscow, Russia
Sergey Ananiev
Principal architect:
Yulia Golavskaya
Design team:
Built area:
80 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Yulia Golavskaya
Environmental & MEP engineering:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Tools used:
Residential › Apartment

This unique 80 m² apartment, situated on the top floor, feels more like a cottage due to its pitched roof, offering an interior that defies the conventional. Its high ceilings, panoramic glazing, and two spacious balconies further enhance this homey atmosphere. "I must admit, it was intriguing to work not with a rectangular box but with a space reminiscent of a little house. Initially, it was intended for the client's mother, but eventually, it became a retreat for the entire family," shares interior designer Yulia Golavskaya.

Yulia emphasized the countryside home feel by finishing the exposed structural beams with oak panels. The ceiling at the apex exceeds five meters, allowing for the inclusion of a mezzanine. This lofted area is designed with two sleeping spots for children, situated above the master bedroom. "Given that the apartment was designed for one person with occasional visits from family members, we could break some norms to create an untypical layout: from the dining room, one can directly access the master bedroom or the mezzanine, while the bathroom door opens into the living room," Yulia reveals.

The living area is equipped with a fold-out sofa and an additional chair-bed to comfortably accommodate overnight stays for a large family. The designer also incorporated numerous built-in storage solutions, with cabinets under the stairs and around the bathroom unit, maximizing space with sliding doors between rooms.

The apartment owner and her family work in the fashion design industry, and one of their requests was the use of bright colors in the interior. "Although most of my projects are monochrome and calm in color, I was excited to embrace the opportunity to work with color," admits Yulia. The project initially introduced light grey decorative tiles for the kitchen backsplash and red travertine, later adding other vibrant hues. The result is a green-blue living room, a terracotta dining area with a dark grey painted wall. The grey theme continues on the mezzanine, while salmon shades mixed with blue dominate the bedroom below.

"Despite the homeowner's initial reluctance towards pink, we took a risk, and everyone loved the outcome. The secret was in choosing subdued, rather than bright, shades, making them comfortably perceptible," shares Yulia. She cleverly unified the apartment's colorful palette by adding two decorative terracotta stripes to the greenish bathroom door and two blue stripes to the pink bedroom door.

In a single space, Yulia skillfully blended items and furniture of different styles and forms, from design icons and vintage to custom-designed pieces, transforming the area into a lively and cozy environment.

Working with the clients was, by her account, effortless and enjoyable, attributing to their excellent taste and sense of humor. They quickly found common ground and shared a vision of beauty. For instance, they, like Yulia, were fond of her favorite artist Elena Utenkova-Tikhonova, whose works now adorn the apartment.

The project spanned a year and three months, with only one change made during that time: the fabric on a vintage chair in the living room was replaced with a brighter one, breathing new life into the entire interior.

"I feel that with each project, more challenging than the last, my professional strength grows. It's a wonderful process that energizes me to evolve and move forward," concludes Yulia Golavskaya.

By Liliana Alvarez

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