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Broken Diamond House by Veliz Arquitecto

Project name:
Broken Diamond House
Architecture firm:
Veliz Arquitecto
Tools used:
SketchUp, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana
Design team:
Built area:
533 m²
Site area:
1230 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Veliz Arquitecto
Concept - Design
Residential › House

Veliz Arquitecto"Broken Diamond House" was born from the fragmentation of a pure form until reaching a formal module with which it is played from generating interior spaces that are connected by double and triple struts, the large glass facades that are opened by shaped windows For these same angular shapes they take advantage of the views towards the lake, two concrete and wood breakwaters reach the waters very smoothly as if the pieces of the house were decompressed until they broke that pure shape and refer to a diamond that breaks and forms a a more organic and coherent figure with nature that protects and welcomes the house.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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