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JK interior design completed the main entrance of SOHO the strand building in Malta.

The London-based architecture firm OF. Studio in collaboration with Degree Zero Architects propose 10 tube-shaped towers for Thessaloniki, Greece.

Casa Canela designed by Workshop Diseño y Construcción aims to respect and honor the historic values of colonial architecture of Yucatan, in a pure and sober way, combining with contemporary details and comfort of current lifestyle in order to create a small oasis in the middle of the city.

In designing the LA home of a movie director known for his powerfully explosive, high impact cinematic experiences, Oppenheim Architecture partnered with the director's hydraulics team (who make his sets fly) to create a large pivoting window wall on the pool cabana. Twenty-five thousand pounds of counterweight enable the window wall's natural stasis to be open, while hydraulics power its closure. The effect invites the outdoors in by framing dynamic views of the LA landscape beyond - ultimately crafting a serene, nurturing environment that pays homage to its residents.

A home is often used as a synonym for a place where we can feel at peace with ourselves, the world, and the universe. It’s the one place we can truly feel “at home”, so it makes sense that we’d do everything we can to create a space that oozes with tranquility and harmony.

The interior designer Yana Prydalna has designed Quiet Space House, a modern A-Frame Cabin to be built in the middle of the forest in Lake Tahoe, California, United States of America.

Thomas Cravero: "The relationship between space and landscape is so fundamentally related to each other. Their relationship is as important as that of the viewer and their geometry, the intention of this work is to frame the landscape, to attract it to the interior and turn it into an architectural landscape."

Sajjad Navidi: The penguin’s generation is on the verge of extinction due to climate change. The presence of ice is vital for the penguins to live and lay eggs. "penguins protection system" consists of: