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In Mykonos, a famous Greek island that gradually builds a liberal Cycladic culture, Kipseli Architects are called to renovate and combine two old Mykonian homes in Chora (town) and transform them into one luxurious contemporary villa.

Casa Escondida is an architectural project located in Saltillo, Coahuila, north of Mexico. Three core principles merged together to develop this project.

Do you have valuable antiques, statues, or heavy furniture? Moving them can be more difficult than you imagine. Your valuables need some TLC, no matter how far you will be moving. When you are caught up in the stress of moving, you may neglect your valuables, causing significant damage. 

It is possible to maintain the best quality of your bathtub and shower by following the abovementioned steps. A little effort can go a long way, and you and your family can enjoy using a well-maintained bathroom. Remember to conduct regular sealing, cleaning, and scrubbing, and install an exhaust fan. These simple steps can produce great results.

Our concept was equally simple – make the connection between the existing office and the new meeting spaces the core of the project. Make it restrained, make it clear, make it bold. Create one element that impacts two floors. The inspiration for the work was Tom and the brand he has created. The stone staircase is the stone wall and vice versa, as if carved out of a singular block of stone. The stone is hollowed out the top, punching a hole through the roof to the sky.

Casa Tres Árboles developed by Mariana Morale’s design firm, dıreccıon is a remodeling project on a 25 year old outdated weekend home in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The starting point for the design was the client’s directive: to give the house a refreshed style with updated finishes to accommodate more frequent visits while maintaining the weekend getaway feel of the place.

The Chang family house is a typical Taiwanese modern townhouse built in 2005, located in Fongshan, Kaohsiung. Living in the building for over 15 years, I think some things can be improved. Similar to other tropical cities, adequate sunlight and humidity are inevitable factors, and flooding is an issue in the area as well. Project 305-36 is to address the problems and redo the programming according to the living style of my family.

Mahtabi, literally, “lit by the moon” in Persian, is the name of the Iranian traditional terraces, where the people use to sleep at night, while enjoying the summertime starry nights. Plot is located outside the old town of Golpayegan, a city in the central part of Iran with mountainous and variable climate: warm in summer and cold in winter. The barren neighboring urban context is made of irrelevant newly built box-shaped residential buildings with poor quality grey stone facades.