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"A picture of the past and the future" which prompted the client and the native architecture of our region to depict it. The Kalarabad Villa is a sweet memory that is located in an authentic and ancient area, and since we considered the architectural design to be a part of the local architecture of the past and at the same time have something new to say.

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The Parchís House arose from working on a project where we had so much fun that it ended up becoming a game. In this case, we learned to play with space and its finishes. We started by devising versatile solutions that would increase the use of every corner and we ended up combining colours to fill them with vitality, hence our Parchís House was born.

Play hard, then rest hard. That's the motto of this family whose home provides thoughtful places of activity and quiet. But it wasn't always this way for this little "house in the hollow" in Laguna Beach. Nestled down into a small, unusually shaped site, it was dark, choppy, and lacking the kinds of space a young power-couple needs to raise their precocious girls.

Connoisseurs would call it brutalist. For being a work where concrete is one of the main raw materials. For creating simple forms and for its functionality, as practicality is one of the characteristics of brutalism. We have chosen to call it a block house. You only have to look at its appearance to know that it is a house with a different appearance, simple on the outside and, who knows, with a surprise on the inside.

The modern luxury beach house is located on a beautiful stretch of coastline in Costa Rica, with panoramic views of the ocean from every room. And it's a true oasis of relaxation and luxury. The exterior of the house is clad in sleek, modern materials such as concrete and glass, which reflect the natural surroundings and allow for maximum natural light to enter the interior. The clean lines of the architecture are accented by tropical modern materials, which add warmth and texture to the design.

Exchanges between sculpture and architecture are always challenging and productive. The Berned House in Madrid, property of the sculptor Arturo Berned and designed by himself and his near collaborator the architect Ignacio Rejano, confirms this assumption.

The LIT Lighting Design Awards is now accepting submissions for its annual event, recognizing and celebrating the best in lighting design from around the world.