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A home lighting layout is undoubtedly an afterthought in the general scenario. The lesser known fact hatch is undoubtedly true in most cases when it comes to interiors is the right lighting layout. It makes all the difference globally, and choosing the right kind of fixtures substantially improves the home lighting layout.

The Egyptian multi-disciplinary studio Reha, LLC. led by Reha Habib completed a unique Mediterranean boutique hotel in North Coast, Egypt. Set on an authentic slice of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt, the project began with an existing one-story U-shaped building split into four quadrants, surrounding a central lagoon with adjacent stunning views of the sea.

The Czech architecture firm Kuba & Pilař architekti has recently completed a family house on the waterfront with a green roof, located in Znojmo Town, Czech Republic. The plot is situated in a gap between family houses that form the banks of the Dyje River. Steep terrain of the plot has the original terrace landscaping with stonewalls.

YH2 Architecture: Initially built as a small storage space by the first owner who was a lumberman, the shed was later rearranged into a forest refuge by its next owners. La Colombière (Dovery) thus represents the completion and third phase of this simple one-storey construction into a true retreat expanding on three floors.

The Tehran-based architecture studio ZAV Architects has recently completed Presence in Hormuz 2, a community of Superadobe earthbag domes that empowers its residents. Built with earth-based materials, these colorful domes were constructed with the help of local residents looking to revive their local economy.

Alexandre-de-Sève Town House: When Heritage and Contemporary Meet. Restoring a 19th-century house while retaining the heritage and creating a contemporary addition is quite a challenge. The original 60 m² building has been fully restored and converted into two apartments: a two-floor 4 ½ and a 3 ½ on the second floor.

Designed by Iranian architecture firm Shomali Design Studio, Shalakht is the name of this project that is the local name of Goose. The concept comes from two birds sitting side by side in the forest.

Iranian architect and CG artist Amin Moazzen envisioned a bedroom with skylight that everyone will adore. We all want to have a comfortable and beautiful bedroom and you achieve that by adding a skylight.