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Longfor Origin Sales Center, China by CINDYJIN DESIGN

Project name:
Longfor Origin Sales Center
Architecture firm:
Shenyang, China
Chuyituzhi, TheYears
Principal architect:
Cindy Jin
Design team:
Interior design:
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
December 2021
Completion year:
April 2022
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Sales Center

CINDYJIN DESIGN: In response to the increasing homogeneity of the real estate market, the designers challenge conventional design thinking by introducing the concept of de-sales center. As a result, efforts have been made to transform Longfor Origin into a highly customized club space that integrates art, technology, humanities, health, business, entertainment and private banquet, with the sales center serving as a hidden function. The building's sense of power and elegance has been enhanced by the angular glass curtain wall, the boat-shaped sculpture, the splendid waterscape with the twin eagles perched on either side of the pond, together with the enchanting starlight on the Hermes aluminium panel. As a result, a beautiful scene of “the river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky as the evening glow parallels with eagles to fly” has leaped to our eyes.

The dynamic spiral chandelier, in combination with the concise lines, dances with the music and sparkles with vibrant lights and shadows, creating a sense of progressive rhythm and giving the viewer an immersive experience.A spiral staircase with a curry and metallic texture connects the two-story area. The smooth curv es soften the edges and achieve harmony between beauty and connotation. By virtue of the "astrolabe" design, the blue sky is depicted in a more palpable manner. During the day, pure light illuminates and dazzles the space while striking curves. At night, the starlight is framed like a deep and infinite sea of stars. This will enable people to embrace imagination while being accompanied by the starry sky.

The private dining area is given a sense of sequence and depth by the straight lines and mullioned wall design, which also creates a neat and orderly pattern. The two floor-to-ceiling windows improve transparency and purity while subtly introducing grace without being overly heavy. Instead of using a massive solid wall partition to split the promenade public space that includes a cat cafe and a kids zone, the designers smartly employ steps to boost the room's sense of layers and three-dimensional effect. Meanwhile, a clear view of the beautiful cityscape is offered in the spacious fitness area, where people are encouraged to relax both physically and mentally.


Established in 2007, CINDYJIN DESIGN is a design firm with an international outlook and innovative capabilities, possessing a professional team of 120 people and supported by renowned experts. Committed to providing full project design for our clients, we have a leading edge in the fields of architecture and landscape design, commercial complex design, medical institution design, hotel design, integrated industrial park design and new material research and development. New business segments include smart home products, high-tech installations and artwork development, digital construction research and development, etc.

The company's founder, Ms. Cindy Jin, has a strong belief in design and cultural vision, and has been actively promoting design innovation and model innovation, transforming and upgrading from a "real estate service provider" to a "good life design and consulting service provider". To think about the future and discover the needs of living, we will continue to practice and surpass our corporate goals and missions, and work to reward our shareholders and the society with even better results.

By Liliana Alvarez

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