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P di Profumo, Vicenza, Italy by DID

Project name:
P di Profumo
Architecture firm:
Vicenza, Italy
Luca Girardini
Principal architect:
Marco Gregori
Design team:
Marco Gregori, Nicolò Lollo, Paola Zuin
Nicolò Lollo
Interior design:
Paola Zuin
Built area:
33 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
P di Profumo

DID: A well-known artisan perfumery has decided to open a new store in the historical city of Vicenza.
The shop is known for its selection of handcrafted products created from pure essential oils, as they made fragrances in the past.

The highly trained staff guide each customer in choosing their own specific perfume, suggesting how to recognize the various essences, having them tried directly on the body and discussing together how to mix them to obtain the most personal result possible. It is a wide and varied olfactory experience among the best existing natural perfumes.
The space chosen for the opening of the new store has a great historical value as it was the ancient entrance to the Roman baths of the city. The room has a large internal height, typical of a public entrance. The two ancient columns in white marble, which marked the entrance to the thermal areas, have been emphasized with the application of a black velvet drape that acts as a theatrical backdrop and divides the sales space from the more technical and private one.

The project involved the restoration of the entire space through, where necessary, the restoration of the ancient finishes. The columns have been restored maintaining the patina of time, as well as the wooden beams of the attic, which have only been treated with a natural oil. The ancient lime finish mixed with Vicenza stone dust has been restored to the walls. The floor has remained the original one, made of pink marble from a quarry in the nearby Alps.
A small sitting room for comfortable contemplation of the essences was placed right between the columns and the dark curtain. The perfumes are displayed on the illuminated surface of shelves in raw burnished steel, to bring out the natural colors of their particular bottles.

The case and the main displays, also in burnished steel, have soft and curved shapes to welcome customers in the moments of greatest turnout.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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