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Zénite Arquitetura & Construção inaugurates TAM Aviation's VIP Lounge as a Luxury and Comfort Reference for Executives at Congonhas Airport

Project name:
Vip Room Tam Executive
Interior design:
Zénite Arquitetura e Construção
Congonhas Airport, Brazil
Mauricio Moreno
Principal designer:
Giselle Benedetti
Design team:
Zénite Arquitetura e Construção
Built area:
about 300 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
2023 / 08
Civil engineer: Paulo Bueno; Structural engineer: Carlos Negri Lighting: Laura Assef Supervision: Paulo Bueno e Fernando Gomes
Architecture firm:
Zénite Arquitetura e Construção
The predominant materials are Joinery with emphasis on Muxarabi Panels, Comfortable and aesthetically designed furniture for each of the different spaces (sofas, armchairs, corner and coffee tables, meeting tables), Adequate and comfortable lighting for the different spaces, landscaping, a creative visual communication and the use of marble on the reception counter and pantry with the TAM logo engraved to make the brand stand out. All the frames were replaced with larger frames giving a greater visual amplitude to the VIP Room, taking advantage of the scenery of the landing and take-off runways, but ensuring perfect acoustics inside the Room. Use of porcelain tiles on the floor in a large part of the room for greater ease of maintenance and cleaning, with carpet only being used in the meeting rooms.
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lumion
Zénite Arquitetura e Construção
TAM Aviação Executiva
Corporate, VIP Lounge › Interior Design

With more than 60 years of tradition in the market, TAM Executive Aviation stands out as a leader in the sale of executive aircraft and boasts the largest maintenance service complex in Latin America. In this context, the recently inaugurated VIP Lounge, whose project was carefully designed and executed by Zénite Arquitetura & Construção, under the leadership of partner Giselle Benedetti, reflects the company's commitment to providing high standard experiences and offering a new level of comfort and sophistication to its clients.

The design was guided by an open-space approach, with emphasis on the muxarabi panels as dividing architectural elements, which create a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity. Inspired by the best international VIP lounges, the project stands out for its elegant and contemporary design, providing a welcoming and versatile environment, ready to meet the needs of business and leisure travelers.

With a total area of 310 m², the environment includes five waiting lounges, a café, areas for private meetings and an area dedicated to families, recognizing the importance of family accompaniment on corporate trips. The predominant materials included quality joinery, comfortable furniture, adequate lighting and integrated landscaping. The strategic use of Michelangelo Nuvuolato marble in the reception and pantry counters, and the creative application of joinery in various elements, adds sophistication not only for its aesthetics, but also for its functionality and comfort.

The lighting design, meticulously planned to create a welcoming atmosphere, and the carefully thought-out details, such as the muxarabi panels and comfortable furniture, complete the exceptional experience offered by the new TAM Executive Lounge.

The challenges faced included dealing with an old building without accurate architectural plans, requiring detailed prospecting and structural interventions. However, the team successfully overcame these obstacles, delivering the work within 45 days and on budget.

One of the project's differentials was the creation of an area dedicated to the memories of Comandante Rolim, the company's founder, highlighting historical objects and artifacts that reflect TAM's essence and legacy. In addition, the project incorporated technological solutions, such as automation for scheduling meeting rooms and customized lighting systems, demonstrating a commitment to modernity and operational efficiency.

About Zénite:

A construction company specializing in offering personalized service for construction and post-construction work. Committed to creating experiences that can give new meaning to environments, Zénite operates in a variety of sectors, mainly in the corporate, hospital and educational sectors. Its track record includes notable collaborations with renowned institutions such as Oswaldo Cruz Hospital, TAM Executive Aviation, Helbor, Graded School, Samaritano Hospital and Beneficência Portuguesa, Enel, Cultura Inglesa, Ecogen, among others.

By Liliana Alvarez

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