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Architectural gem at Masarycka: Building by Zaha Hadid Architects in Prague, Czech Republic

Project name:
Interior design:
Zaha Hadid Architects
Prague, Czech Republic
Jiří Šebek
Principal designer:
Zaha Hadid, Jakub Klaska
Design team:
Michal Wojtkiewicz, Malgorzata Kowalczyk, Fernanda Mugnaini, Matthew Carapiet, Bogdan Zaha, Chenxi Gong, Maya Boustany, Jan Klaska, Brian Dale
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Cigler Architects (Local architect), K4 (Project management)
Architecture firm:
Zaha Hadid Architects
Corian by DUPONT
Tools used:
AMOS DESIGN (Interior contractor)
1,5 mil EUR
Penta Real Estate (Developer)
Office Building › Lobby

The new MASARYCKA building is becoming one of Prague's greatest architectural gems. The new building designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid complements the historic station building. The fascinating history of Masaryk Station is a story of transformation, and it is important to learn about its history as it was built in 1845. This station served as an important port of call for many passengers and was a symbol of modernity and progress. Unfortunately, over the years it has lost its glory and fallen into a state of disrepair. And then in 2014, Penta real estate launched a tender for a new face for this neglected part of the city.

The winning studio was led by a woman who changed the face of modern architecture and left an indelible mark on the world of architecture. Her designs are innovative, futuristic and sensitive to the surrounding environment. Her work has won many awards and accolades around the world. And it is her genius and creativity that is reflected in the new building at Masarycka. Unfortunately, the death of this star of the architectural sky took place during the beginning of the realization, so this will be one of the last buildings in which she was personally involved.

If you will not have the honour to visit this building, we will share our impressions and experiences with you. The building has several key things that make it special. The façade, done partly in 3d and in golden colour evoking symbolically the golden Prague, the broken mass of the building and also the stunning design of the new lobby.   The façade features sculpted golden hoods reminiscent of railway station tracks. The designer has managed to combine historical elements with modern ones to create a unique design that respects the past while looking to the future. Her innovative style and courage to break boundaries are motivating the next generation of architects who strive to create something unique and memorable.  It is clear that this is why the architectural gem on Masarycka will enliven the surrounding neighborhood and have a great impact on the surrounding area. Thanks to its architecture and unique design and appeal, it will attract not only tourists but also local residents. This newly discovered part of the city centre will become a new centre of cultural and social life. The surrounding shops, restaurants and cafés will undoubtedly experience a huge boom thanks to the influx of visitors.

On an exclusive tour of the building, you can't miss the lobby by Zaha Hadid architects and it will introduce you to a world of unique architecture. The entrance areas of the building (lobby A + B) will be a stunning experience for visitors as the entire space is shaped in 3D corian, giving the lobby a unique texture and depth. This material, used in two contrasting colours, is 3D moulded to create unique shapes and textures. As you explore the lobby, you will be fascinated by the shapes and solutions that have been used to create it. In addition to the Corian, there is also a shaped Barrisol , solid oak elements cut on a five-eyes CNC and also interesting lighting of the space. Visitors will feel transported in time to another world and will have the feeling of being in a sci fi movie. This architectural gem is truly unique and worth a visit.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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