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LR2 House in Pasadena, California by Montalba Architects

Designed by Santa Monica-based architecture firm Montalba Architects, LR2 House is a single-family residential located in Pasadena, California.

Architect's statement: The LR2 Residence overlooks Pasadena and its adjacent mountains from its hillside perch. This new 4,200-square-foot house is made up of several distinct living volumes and programs. In response to the client’s desire to retain a significant portion of the existing flat pad between adjacent slopes, the volumes are stacked to create a rotated series of rectangular masses abutting the hillside, each with its own take on indoor/outdoor space.

LR2 House in Pasadena, California by Montalba Architectsimage © Kevin Scott

Outdoor breezeways, porches, courtyards, covered walkways and an immense rooftop deck extend the reaches of the limited floor area to the natural chaparral and views beyond. The house includes guest suites, a home office, gym, and theatre screening room, as well as abundant outdoor spaces, all taking in views of the surrounding hills and valley.

LR2’s programmatic elements peel away from the primary group of building blocks and shift to follow the rough slope of the hillside terrain. The intended entry sequence flows with the landscape, guiding visitors along a reaching sidewalk that extends under the mass of the building. The compression of the resulting space offers a unique arrival experience incorporating the natural creek just beyond front door, which is nestled on the second floor.

black house build on the hill image © Kevin Scott

Following the natural grade, the front stairs create an arching path to a bridged entry portal, all the while showcasing panoramic views of the house. As the front door opens, the dark, angular façade of paneled concrete gives way to a light-filled interior of soft wood and bright white finishes. Upon entering, visitors find themselves within an indoor/outdoor living space; framed views of the exterior landscape bathe visitors in natural light and immerse them in the natural world outside. Once inside the residence, stairs descend to a private screening room or ascend to the third-floor living spaces. A series of open terraces mirror the interior living quarters, encompassing almost as much outdoor space as the enclosed third-floor footprint.

black house with illumination located on a hill image © Kevin Scott

black modern house on a hill surrounded by trees image © Kevin Scott

architectural plans Plans 

house in black during night image © Kevin Scott

house with black metallic facade build on a hill image © Kevin Scott

LR2 House in Pasadena, California by Montalba Architectsimage © Kevin Scott

hillside house with black colored facade image © Kevin Scott

concrete steps of he house illuminated with led lighting image © Kevin Scott

home with alcobond facade image © Kevin Scott

rooftop terrace with outdoor furniture image © Kevin Scott

rooftop of the house at night image © Kevin Scott

big glass windows image © Kevin Scott

reflection of the sunset and trees on the window of the house image © Kevin Scott

glass window image © Kevin Scott

house at night image © Kevin Scott

living room with large windows image © Kevin Scott

living room with big glass windows let the sunlight enters the room image © Kevin Scott

office desk and chairs image © Kevin Scott

pendant lamp hanged over the dining table image © Kevin Scott

brown leather love seat image © Kevin Scott

two notebooks on the wooden desk image © Kevin Scott

bedroom with big windows image © Kevin Scott

bedroom with nice landscape view image © Kevin Scott

modern white kitchen image © Kevin Scott

kitchen design image © Kevin Scott

modern kitchen design image © Kevin Scott

white kitchen design image © Kevin Scott

bathroom with washing basin and black walls image © Kevin Scott

black suit and black wall image © Kevin Scott

bathroom washing basins image © Kevin Scott

concrete texture wall image © Kevin Scott

staircase image © Kevin Scott

living room with comfortable sofa image © Kevin Scott

wooden bookshelves image © Kevin Scott

office desk and chairs image © Kevin Scott

ancient frame picture on the wall image © Kevin Scott

cozy living space with modern furniture image © Kevin Scott

grey sofa image © Kevin Scott

black door image © Kevin Scott

home cinema image © Kevin Scott

rooftop terrace with beautiful landscape view image © Kevin Scott

Site Plan Site Plan 

Sections Sections 

Concept Diagram Concept Diagram 

Concept Diagram Diagram 


Project name: LR2 House 

Architecture firm: Montalba Architects

Location: Pasadena, California, United States

Completion year: 2018

Area: 4200 ft²

Photography: Kevin Scott

Structural Engineer: John Labib and Associates

Landscape Designer: EPT Design

Civil Engineer: Obando and Associates, Inc.

Waterproofing Consultant: Roofing and Waterproofing Forensics, Inc.

Surveyor & Soils Engineer: Irvine Geotechnical, Inc.

Lighting Designer: Sean O'Connor Lighting

Title-24 Consultant: PBS Engineers

MEP Engineer: PBS Engineers

A/V Consultant: Marconi Radio

Theater Consultant: Digital Bel-Air

Theater Acoustic Consultant: Paradise Theater

Contractor: Sarlan Builders

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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