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Hut-Inspired House, Říčany, Czech Republic by Atelier Hajný

Project name:
Hut-Inspired House
Architecture firm:
Atelier Hajný
Říčany, Czech Republic
Radek Úlehla
Principal architect:
Martin Hajný
Design team:
Alex Yeloyeva
Project documentation and construction: 3AE
Interior design:
Built area:
Built-up area 116 m², Gross floor area 216 m², Usable floor area 180 m²
Site area:
820 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
CLT panels – structure. Charred wood – facade. Cement floor, bathroom wall surfaces. 1 Oak veneer – light wood furniture, interior doors. Birch veneer – dark wood furniture
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Atelier Hajný: The client's wish was to design a family home on the site of an original holiday hut, which he used to go to since childhood. It was clear that the hut had to go, but its appearance partly influenced the appearance of the new building. The new zoning plan in the entire area is set for the construction of family homes, so the huts here are gradually disappearing. We agreed with the client that due to the character of the area and the sentimental relationship to the original building, it would be appropriate to take into account the appearance and shape of the old hut.

An elongated plot on the edge of Říčany near Prague with an area of 820 m² is limited on one side by a noise barrier, adjacent to a railway corridor. The east side is limited by an access road, the other sides are defined by existing plots with typical holiday huts. While maintaining the distance from the railway and the neighbors, it was necessary to design a compact family home with three residential units and a total net floor area of around 180 m². The functional layout divides the building into a northern service area and a southern residential area. The ground floor contains two studio apartments with separate entrances, the entrance and technical part of the main apartment, and a larger living room with a kitchen. The upper floor contains bedrooms, a study, and a bathroom of the main apartment.

Emphasis was placed on maximizing the simplicity of the main volume. The gable ends are clearly defined triangles and are highlighted by light wooden shading slats. The roof shape and its overhangs are based on the typical shapes of the original huts, at the same time they provide shading for the southern facade and protect the terrace from rain. A cantilevered balcony, an "outdoor room" is created by the master bedroom, behind the shading slats. The materials are unobtrusive and natural - charred wood on the exterior, visible CLT panels on the interior, and furniture corresponding to the dark facade. The house is in a low-energy standard with electric underfloor heating and air conditioning with recuperation.

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One-man studio founded in 2019 by Martin Hajný on the principles of independent work and close collaboration with external specialists.

By Liliana Alvarez

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