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Airavat Residence in Khopoli, India by lyth Design & reD Architects

Project name:
Architecture firm:
lyth Design, reD Architects
Khopoli, India
Fabien Charuau
Principal architect:
Apoorva Shroff
Design team:
Shivam Patel, Rohit Jain
Interior design:
Built area:
30000 ft²
Site area:
7 acres
Design year:
March 2018
Completion year:
December 2020
Civil engineer:
Unique Concrete Technology
Structural engineer:
Global Engineering Services
Environmental & MEP:
Professional Landscape Designs
Arjun Rathi Design, Klove, Uniser, Lumens
Tools used:
Concrete, Stone, Metal, Glass
Apoorva and Kunal Shroff
Residential › House

lyth Design: The site is located on the outskirts of bustling Mumbai, in the quiet of the Sahyadri hills. The sweeping views of the Western Ghats in almost any direction are the highlight of this otherwise simple parcel of land. The capturing and framing of these picturesque landscapes was the primary inspiration behind the design. The disruptive architecture manages to create spaces of varying scales from monumental to cozy while it integrates into the home, the nature that surrounds it. The arrival is planned at the highest level under a large canopy that appears like a wing framing the first glimpse of this home in the Clouds. The floating lotus pond at the entrance, often engulfed in mist offers a breath of fresh air after the long drive out from Mumbai.

The structure is a simple intersection between concrete and metal. The resulting interstitial spaces translate into courtyards of various scales that may be habitable or simply form vantage points. Two parallel concrete walls act as the main axes cutting across the house and seamlessly connecting the three intersecting blocks which serve the respective functions of public, private and recreation. Materials have been strategically planned for the various blocks – glass and steel for the public spaces, and slate stone for the private spaces, both of which get anchored into the concrete spine. All the load-bearing walls on site have been built using stones found on site during excavation. The high ceilings, large corridors and windows planned across each other keep the house cool and ventilated with air that continuously funnels through.

Large sliding windows manage to bring the outside in, seamlessly integrating the natural landscape with the house. Large overhangs, verandahs and the partially covered swimming pool makes spaces usable despite the extreme weather conditions of the region. The rubric of the various levels of the house are derived from the natural terracing of the land. The suspended metal block and the cantilevered southern tip allows for the natural terrain to flow under it uninterrupted.

The success of the architecture lies in the fact that every corner you turn, the drama of the house and the view that it captures changes and moves along with you. The structure is an ode to the beauty of the mountains that surround it.


lyth Design is a Mumbai based boutique design atelier founded in the year 2022, spearheaded by founder and principal architect Apoorva Shroff. She makes her foray as an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, including an accomplished innings as a partner at the celebrated reD Architects. Her expertise has enabled her to steer the “lyth-chapter” forward and create out-of-the-box solutions within the verticals of Architecture, Interior, Product and Graphic Design.

The unique name of the practice takes inspiration from the word “lyth”, translating to a joint that binds and supports movement. Striving better to connect the world through spatial storytelling and clear articulation, this analogy is indeed fitting to its focus. The studio curates novel and tastefully crafted spaces that resonate with its client’s personalities with great attention to detail.

‘Staying true to the narrative that every design needs to start with a story, the answer is always simple- Every decision is a conscious choice.’

It is this ecosystem that influences lyth’s approach and work ethos to every project they undertake, setting them apart from the rest in the industry.

Since its inception, its repertoire of works has gained immense traction amongst a growing roster of noteworthy clients like actor Madhuri Dixit, Prestige, Supreme Builders, Jindal Poly Films, and Central Square Foundation, to name a few. In addition, the studio’s work has been showcased across some of the most prominent design publications like Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and mainstream media like Hindustan Times, Times of India etc.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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