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Yacht Hotel in San Juan de Puerto Rico, USA designed by DNA Barcelona Architects

The Barcelona based architectural studio DNA Barcelona Architects has recently designed "Yacht Hotel" in San Juan de Puerto Rico, USA

Project description by architect: 

“Yacht Hotel” bases its design on a serie of horizontal lines from nautical inspiration that breaks the compact volumetry of the building. Playing with different depths in the alignment of the facades, as well as with the perimeter of the volatizes, a more dynamic volume is obtained, it creates a sensual and elegant final image. 

Yacht Hotel in San Juan de Puerto Rico, USA by DNA Barcelona Architectsimage © DNA Barcelona Architects

The combination of different tones in the finishing material of the facades produces a more agile rhythm of the building. Every detail helps to create a lighter picture of the set and in movement.

a modern hotel with layered balconies terraces image © DNA Barcelona Architects

The terraces are not only an aesthetic element, they assume an extension of the interior space to the outside, an essential ingredient of the Caribbean culture creating a direct relationship between interior and exterior.

beach from hotel with layered terraces image © DNA Barcelona Architects

a hotel located near beach in Puerto Ricoimage © DNA Barcelona Architects

rendering image of the hotel image © DNA Barcelona Architects

Project name: Yacht Hotel

Architecture firm: DNA Barcelona Architects

Team: Aryanour Djalali

Location: San Juan de Puerto Rico, USA

Year: 2019

Status: Concept 


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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