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Natural Asylum - Cereal Whisky Bar in Taiyuan, China by HOOOLDESIGN Studio

Project name:
Natural Asylum - Cereal Whisky Bar in Taiyuan, China
Architecture firm:
No. 9, Yonghe Street, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
Wu Jianquan
Principal architect:
Han Lei
Design team:
Han Lei, JiLL, Huang Debing, Li Jingyi, Zhi Pengfei, Zhang Wei, Toren Tseng
Interior design:
Built area:
370 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
LST Lighting Design
Guo Wei
Hospitality › Bar

In the shelter of the valley, let go of disguise and fatigue.

HOOOLDESIGN Studio: In the face of urban changes, fast hotels are emerging one after another. How to make steady progress in the turbulent hotel market is also a question constantly considered by shopkeepers who rely on a keen sense of market smell. As the boss of the express hotel, he came to us and wanted to design a whisky bar nearby, so that the two types of business can coexist.

The project is located near the business circle of Taiyuan Vientiane City, which is the core business activity area of the whole city. It is also located in the urban tourist attraction area, making it quiet, independent and convenient. As a place gathered in the center of the city, relying on the bars in the surrounding business centers, the design from the beginning wanted to make this place an informal place for communication, and build it into a place for adults to relax, seek identity and social isolation.

When completed, it will be a semi outdoor whole. In order to meet the long winter in northern China and ensure the indoor and outdoor connectivity in summer, folding doors are designed to control the indoor and outdoor boundaries, so that commercial buildings can naturally integrate into the daily life of the city, brand space and community streets.

Shelters give people a sense of security, which is the desire for architecture in human genes. The grey space created by the facade ceiling allows people to find a quiet place. The stairs and platforms around the ceiling also provide as much social experience as possible outside the space.

How to create and awaken the vitality of the brand and make it the main focus of the city? The design integrates the community spirit, making the whisky bar and the express hotel connected and symbiotic. Structural factors play a decisive role in the composition of space. The space structure is divided into indoor and outdoor. It accommodates and organizes people and infects them with various space technologies. This is the basic feature of the case design.

The valley corridor through the bar seems to travel through time and space, from reinforced concrete to the universe, letting people put down the disguise and fatigue of the city. The huge purple aperture in the bar symbolizes fantasy, romance, light and the unknown. The arc bar and arc equipment ceiling are interlocked, as if they rotate time and space, change the scale, and reach another world.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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