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Under The Sun Cycladic Village, Tinos, Greece. A Bit Wild, A Bit Mysterious, A Bit Luminous. Beat The Blues

Written by:
The Aficionados
Courtesy of Under The Sun Cycladic Village, a member of The Aficionados

Seamlessly slotting into Tinos’ wild and remote surroundings, design hotel Under The Sun –a member of THE AFICIONADOS– is a raw and natural addition to this dramatic cliff-scape where Aegean blues blend sky with sea and a rugged architecture creates the perfect setting for a soulful escape.

Camouflaged into the bluff, Under The Sun provides a unique secluded solitude. Sunken buildings cast into the rocky hillside utilise architecture that aims to preserve and highlight the startling environment – lines of stepped stonework are cleverly contoured into the rock. Tufty planted roofs mimic the vegetation that grows here naturally, with dashes of colour from hot-pink bougainvillea.

This subtle design is all about the view - the cliff simply drops away to reveal a dramatic, uninterrupted Aegean panorama– lit in peachy hues by sunrise, to when the descending sun sets the scene ablaze at dusk. High on natural drama with lichen-clad granite framing the scene, the low-slung design uses locally crafted Tinian stone to create a soothing yet sleek aesthetic. A cool, considered residence, created from the core blueprint of Cycladic designs, has been remodelled with a contemporary approach. It feels fresh, untouched yet so right for the modern solace-seeker with a mood board of raw,paved stone floors, mocha tones and natural taupe linens that lazily ripple in the breeze.

Tucked into a hillside between the traditional villages of Kardiani and Isternia on north-west Tinos, Under The Sun has all the accruements for modern life en vacances - hessian hammocks, moulded stone seating piled with cushions, bento breakfasts to the room and bijou pools glinting in the hot sun. It feels considerate and measured – everything has its place, with countless references to the evocative island. Mostly though, the vibe is pared-back as if in constant homage to the heart-stopping views. If you’re craving delicious alone time on this wild and windswept corner of Tinos, at Under The Sun you’ll find it.

‘Raw yet refined’ is how Under The Sun describe their interiors and this is no more apparent than in the bedrooms – sleek chambers laden with natural charm, local character and that delicate balance of space, light and style that’s hard to get right, yet looks utterly effortless here. Cycladic influence is liberally used – whitewashed walls, cube-like structures and rounded stonework are layered with tactile fabrics in a pared-back palette.

Made up of a collection of suites, the design blends indoors and outdoors with large sliding doors, and cool, shaded spots that benefit from jaw-dropping Aegean views as well as plenty of places to relax: cushioned outdoor seating, comfy beanbags, deckchairs and azure-blue plunge pools. Decoration comes in the form of brightly hued modern artwork and simple ceramic pottery. Bathrooms are chic spaces in polished lime plaster.

Tiny Tinos is located in the Cyclades – a group of over 200 islands dotted in the Aegean Sea. Lesser known than its sisters Santorini, Mykonos and Naxos, Tinos is a wild, rocky isle with a sleepy vibe, perfect for those that like to sit and gaze at those Aegean blues. The white-washed port town of Chora is about as bustling as it gets, and its Greek Orthodox church is worth a look. Elsewhere the coastline is characterised by a variety of coves and beaches – some shaded by scrubby pines; others with a welcoming taverna or two, and a few that are totally isolated and peaceful – absolute gems. Inland, rural Cycladic villages are dotted with churches, archaeological finds, arty sculpture workshops and even a museum dedicated to marble. Arrive in Tinos either by boat from Athens or zip here by fast cat from Mykonos.

Brothers Dionysios and Angelos Georgakopoulos fell in love with this spot and the uninterrupted views cascading down the hillside into the infinity of the Aegean – hence their considerate approach to the architecture which uses local crafted stone but is not your average white cube build. For them, inspiration came from “carefree moments, endless blue, sun melting ice cream, traditional holidays, freckles and summer breeze”.

With a deep sense of love for the island of Tinos, the brothers want to actively nurture the landscapes, foster goodpractises in hospitality, and be a protector of this beautiful landscape, hence this unassuming residence, underpinned by traditional beauty and rich folklore which has absolute respect for the wild beauty of the island.


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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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