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Top 5 Design Trends for 2023 By Nina Parvaresh, Founder Concept Me

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Looking ahead to the new year, Dubai-based Architect, Entrepreneur and Founder of Concept ME, Nina Parvaresh outlines her key trend predictions in the world of design.

1. Alabaster lighting fixtures

There are few items that give off a truly poetic and emotional appeal to the space the way that alabaster lighting fixtures do. From a design perspective, there’s such a delicate strangeness to these mesmerizing pieces that communicates a reflective charm. There’s a timelessness, an ethereal aspect and a natural appeal to these elegant, statement pieces. The way the light seems to be radiating from the alabaster itself rather than from the light source within it creates an ambiance that doesn’t only complement the space, but draws all the attention to its mood.

2. In-Door/Out-Door Wellness

When it comes to biophilic design, we think that it’s a design trend that should never go out of style. Our living culture is shifting towards wellness and natural living. Injecting natural and organic elements into our space like plants, stone and rattan is a great first step in that direction. Promoting an appealing marriage between outdoor and indoor living allows for a tonal change in the narrative of the space as well as bringing a fresh breath into it. Spaces dominate the overall mood of those that inhabit it, so we think a natural, clarity-driven mood is the way to go!

3. Patterns in Fabrics

Great design never goes out of fashion even if it fades out for a little bit. What we’ve been obsessed with for a while now is beautiful fabric. Over the past couple of years, the trend has favored minimalist designs and an avoidance of patterns. But we think it’s time to bring decorative fabrics back! With their theatricality and the soulful character, patterns on fabrics from drapery to armchair upholstery can bring a lot of ambiance to a space and contribute to its overall look and feel. They can also break the hum drum of that cold Modernist look and give it some life!

4. Environment-Suitable Design

We don’t believe this is an evolving trend, but rather a trend that should become a guideline! The environment of your space needs to inform its design. In simpler terms, you can’t design a Parisian interior if your apartment is in a mountain landscape just like you can’t have a Coastal space in a Manhattan condo. What we believe works and keeps the space’s narrative authentic is to reflect the outside realities and inspirations of your surroundings into your living space, using the story of your physical area as a mood-board! That way, you keep it authentic and things just feel right.

5. Sustainable Use of Vintage Items

Less of a trend and more of an environmental necessity, sustainability has become a primary focus in the field of design. The advent of fast fashion in furniture and of mass production of pieces has taken a pretty big toll on the environment and the value of items in the industry. This is why, we believe reusing items, from antiques to timeless vintage items is a beautiful approach for the year 2023 and onwards. It uses quality pieces, allows you to bring in something valuable and something that has a worn and timeless character into your space. Also, you’ll be doing the environment a favor!

Stemming from the desire to design and redefine the human interaction with space in a multi-sensory manner, Concept Me was founded in 2008 by French entrepreneur and architect Nina Parvaresh. From the get-go, Concept Me took on projects that enabled the visionary and singular elements of design to be implemented into scenic environments.

As a boutique agency that adopts projects regardless of scope and scale, Concept Me aims to be versatile, organic and eclectic in the way it exceeds the expectations of excellence within the design industry. In the process of breaking the technocratic boundaries of design and decorative curation, the Concept Me team marries the metaphorical elements of abstract ideas and visionary design with the detailed-oriented and technical factors involved in the execution process. The beauty of inspired sketches is meticulously built within the dust-covered sites.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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