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Project name:
Architecture firm:
Dnipro Embankment, Ukraine
Tools used:
Principal architect:
Alexander Makhno
Design team:
Built area:
300 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Concept - Design
Cultural Architecture › Visitor Centre


Energy security has become an essential paradigm in contemporary society. The main task now is to increase energy efficiency and use of energy from renewable and alternative sources, including wind. Wind power is one of the alternative energy sources that promote the flexibility of the general system and resistance to threats. In Ukraine, this problem has become more acute than ever, and therefore we have decided to present the Vitryak project, located on the bank of the Dnipro river, in the middle of the field with windmills. Vitryak is the prospect of the implementation of renewable energy technologies that have territorial communities concentrated in rural areas.

Vitryak is a project of a modern visitor centre, which represents the ideas of the new world – pure and sustainable. Sustainable development is the key to our future, as it makes us independent of external factors, gives us freedom and makes us closer to nature. The windmill has already become part of the modern landscape, and our project complements this complex with its modern architectural forms.

Vitryak is about the transformation of our attitude to nature and energy. This is a story about rethinking our potential independence because the energy received from the wind in its nature leads to complete freedom and flexibility. Energy consumption – efficient, economical, innovative, alternative – is a new philosophy that should be used by society, which seeks freedom and withdrawal from energy slavery.

Vitryak is like a concrete bird in the middle of a field with metal giants –  a symbol of movement and free flight. The white colour was chosen to integrate the building integrates into the landscape was chosen white colour - as the main line passes through the field with windmills and ends with a new visitor centre.


The task was to create a modern visiting centre, with a museum, a cafe zone and a conference hall in the context of a field with electric windmills.

The idea of the visitor centre project is the discovery of clean contemporary shapes, which define the philosophy of the new movement of modern energy companies – the use of wind-generating clean, zero-waste wind energy. The originality of simple forms provokes discussion.


The visitor centre is a two-storey building consisting of a museum, a conference hall, an observation platform on the field with windmills, a recreation area and a zone of a cafe-bar.

The peculiarity of the landscape is a circular lake behind the main building, over which there is the observation platform with a view of the windmills. In order to integrate the building into the landscape was chosen white color - as the main line passes through the field with windmills and ended with a new visitor center.

The main block – the museum, is designed in the form of a wing, which in the reflected lakes reminds the construction of a windmill. To emphasise the horizontal shape of the main block, which is based on the architectural shape in the form of a wing, the visual composition was continued with new quatropods, a unique 3D tile by MAKHNO Studio.

The conference hall and cafe-bar area are located on the first floor, and the interior of the centre is executed in light colours, smooth lines emphasize the connection with natural forms of landscape. The walls are decorated with MAKHNO Studio's iconic  3d tiles – quatropods. Large-scale prototypes of quatropods are hanging from the ceiling in the zone of the cafe. The zone with tables is distinguished on one side by lamps Khmara, and on the other by lianas.


The visitor centre is the building of the future, as it is completely independent of the general energy system and fully operates on the energy from the wind that is located on the field around it. Visitors can drink coffee, relax in the recreation area, and recharge their coffee-making facilities, thanks to renewable energy sources.

The space of the visitor centre is inspired to rethink our role in the development of energy independence of the country because windmills are one of the most valuable resources for producing green hydrogen and preserving the world's ecosystem.

Vitryak is a project about the future, about the knowledge about saving natural resources, for the purpose of increasing the flexibility of the energy system.


Vitryak is an important project for the studio, as it emphasizes the importance of using alternative energy sources, especially during the energy crisis we have faced. The wind will play a leading role in the transformation of the global energy sector, which is why this project is aimed at attracting attention to wind as an alternative energy source.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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