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Glassy Bathroom by DT Design Studio

Project name:
Glassy Bathroom
Architecture firm:
DT Design Studio
London,United Kingdom
Tools used:
SketchUp, Lumion
Principal architect:
Design team:
DT Design
Built area:
45 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
V. Terziu
Concept - Design
Residential › Houses

DT design has used a style different from an ordinary bathroom. Using materials such as glass and marble to give as much purity and reflex to the environment. The whole idea is to bring nature as close as possible to the environment inside. Using these glass windows enables the entry of abundant light inside the bathroom and also a better view of nature outside.

In the part of the bathroom decor, things as natural as possible are also used, as seen in the flowers collected on the stairs. In the lighting part, spots were used which were directed to different parts of the bathroom to give the proper lighting. Knowing that the climate in London is cold most of the time, the boiler heating system is also thought of.

Glassy Bathroom by DT Design Studio

The section where the bathtub is slightly higher than the rest of the bathroom, was designed that way in order to give emphasis to the area where the client will take a shower. Because the purpose of this whole design is for the client to enjoy nature during this relaxing moment.

In order to make the room look more spacious and minimal, we avoided using cupboards, instead we created storage spaces on the walls were you can put your toiletries.

modern bathroom design with skylight

green and natural bathroom design

Connect with the DT design 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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