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Aston Martin Headquarters, Canary Wharf, London (UK) by Kalbod Design Studio

Project name:
Aston Martin Headquarters
Architecture firm:
Kalbod Design Studio
Canary Wharf, London, UK
Tools used:
Principal architect:
Mohamad Rahimi Zadeh
Design team:
Built area:
57699.93 m²
Site area:
2842.81 m²
Design year:
June 2024
Completion year:
Ziba Baghban, Pegah Samei
Ziba Baghban, Melika Khalesi
Concept - Design
Commercial › Mixed-Use Development

Kalbod Design Studio: The description of Aston Martin Headquarters as three "things" places it in a relational object framework. Objects in this relation come into contact, intertwine, and perhaps even participate in a spiral movement, but their identities remain independent. In this project, the distinct positions of the museum, laboratories, and administrative spaces create a non-hierarchical relationship. Objects come into contact with each other, but their boundaries are not blurred and resist reduction by any signifying effort.

The mysterious presence of a black object is another central theme in the headquarters' design. This mysterious element embodies an insatiable desire that seems to gather the surrounding world into its dark depths. This darkness is not merely a force of erasure but acts as an intermediary space, creating a stark contrast between light and shadow that evokes the complexities within.

Aston Martin Headquarters is an experiment in constructing an architectural object not through unified and coherent narratives but through the interaction of independent elements placed in a network of part-to-part relationships.

By Liliana Alvarez

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