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Mid-Ridge Villa in Isfahan, Iran designed by EZ Studio (Pedram Ezadi Boroujeni)

Project name:
Mid-Ridge Villa
Architecture firm:
EZ Studio
Qahdarijan, Isfahan, Iran
Ali Gorjian
Principal architect:
Pedram Ezadi Boroujeni
Design team:
Foroogh Haddad
Built area:
150 m²
Site area:
1100 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Majid Tahmasebi, Saeid Kazemi
Interior design:
Pedram Ezadi
Pedram Ezadi
Structural engineer:
Civil engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
EZ Studio
Khorshid Gallery
Pedram Ezadi
Tools used:
Brick, Glass, Stone
Kasra Baqeri
Residential › House

EZ Studio: Words are rooting, just as do trees. The line is the root and the architecture the same as the word. The tree, as the rising child. The architecture is the border of living. Living between inside and outside. Each element is a term that, when collocates with other, creates a sentence of space.

Mid-ridge Villa has been settled between a slender but prosperous garden in the heart of the farmlands, for a family of three who are always gathering. A twelve-year-old child, the climax of the story, and her rebellious spirit, along with her constant training to become a professional swimmer and her occasional desire for isolation and privacy, has been at the center of her parents' attention and then the architects’.

Mother's poetic nature has made promenading a necessity, therefore spaces among the trees and easy access to them has been selected as the best answer to the question. On the other hand, to elevate privacy matter on private zones due to mother’s obsession, swimming pool turned into the main gap between the private and public zones.

image © Ali Gorjian

Fruitful trees in the garden, which were necessary to maintain in order to respect the environment, is one of the design limitations that has turned into an opportunity during the process of organizing the mass between the empty spaces (Ridge) of the trees. The architect took these empty lots into consideration as dwelling and daily activities.

The pool, meanwhile, located on one of the ridges of the land functions as divider of zones, being between the mass helps to keep the health of the child safe and emphasize the privacy needed.

All these borders created the Mid-Ridge. Gaps do not always interpret to the distance, sometimes they add flexibility to the mass and create cozy corners of solitude. This feature can be looked in the gaps that have been appeared in the public zone of the building, consequently dividing the portion and create more space to accommodate habitants.

Juxtaposition of the brick volumes in a hidden zone seeks to honor the authentic quality of natural materials and highlights the relationship between human beings and nature over time. Mid-ridge villa is made of ochre brick that complement the palette of the landscape: blue sky, green vegetation, yellow sandy ground, and, therefore a red house.


EZ Studio is a multi-disciplinary practice based in Iran-Esfahan which specializes in Architecture, Interior Architecture, to the Landscaping and Curation of art work to create an integrated complete environment for clients. Our processes bring us into contact with many skilled trades which enable us to fabricate many bespoke items for our client's projects where an item may not be available off the shelf. Founded in 2015, the Practice manifests architecture across diverse scales of design with superlative craft, detail and materiality. Architectural discourse is applied in equal measure to each of the disciplines – Architecture, Interior and Design to create highly resolved buildings, spaces and objects beautifully balanced in form, function and detail. Our unique Architectural approach to design traces context, environment, sustainability and human behavior to create spaces and experiences individual to each project, location and Client. As a boutique design driven office, we are recognized through consistent high quality of design and professionalism at optimized budget.

By Liliana Alvarez

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