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Lyvin Bingin Villas by Lyvin Property Indonesia, a villa complex in the south of Bali

Project name:
Lyvin Bingin Villas
Architecture firm:
Lyvin Property Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
Alex Grabchilev
Principal architect:
Victoria Sokovyh
Design team:
AVA Studiо Bali
Built area:
320 m²
Site area:
255 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
AVA Studiо Bali
AVA Studiо Bali
Structural engineer:
Lyvin Property Indonesia
Civil engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Lyvin Property Indonesia
Tools used:
Residential › House

Lyvin Bingin Villas by Lyvin Property Indonesia is a villa complex located in the lush teak forests of South Bali, steps away from the popular Bingin and Dreamland beaches. This new complex at Bingin seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, appearing as an extension of it, and offers the perfect home surrounded by greenery, bird songs, nature walks, and outdoor living.

"We have created a place where modern architecture and tropical nature coexist in harmony," says Alexander and Victoria Sokovyh, the project authors.

The complex covers an area of 4,300 square meters and consists of ten three-bedroom villas, a communal lobby, and parking. The type one villas are designed with two stories, while those with a third floor feature a cozy patio equipped with a barbecue area, providing stunning panoramic views of the ocean and volcanoes.

The villas' open spaces feature private pools surrounded by tropical shrubs with fragrant white flowers, adding freshness and greenery to the overall design and creating the perfect relaxation areas. Inspired by the landscape of Bingin, the developer preserved natural arches and used limestone for the exterior. Australian design elements harmonize the interior and exterior.

Each villa features a distinct interior design that includes consistent stylistic elements. For instance, some villas might have a spiral staircase at the center of the living room. In contrast, others might have a decorative element that pays homage to the distinctive landscape of South Bali—such as an imitation of a rock formation on the walls.

The heart of the villa is the living room, designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. With extra-comfortable sofas, carefully planned lighting, and harmonious, soothing decor, the living room creates an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for spending a warm evening with loved ones.

The bedrooms are intended to be a place of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation for guests. Every detail in the bedroom is carefully crafted with ergonomics in mind to create an atmosphere that promotes healthy sleep and rest. The decor is inviting and perfect for spending a warm evening with family. The primary bedroom's bathroom thoughtfully maximizes guests' personal space with two sinks, and features a terrazzo bathtub with brass fittings.

"We have always dreamed of living in Bali and raising our children here. The Lyvin project perfectly reflects our vision for a luxurious yet thoughtful lifestyle. It boasts a modern design amidst lush tropical greenery and offers all the amenities of a top-tier hotel. We believe architecture can make people happier by imbuing spaces with meaning, joy, and inspiration. The Lyvin Bingin Villas are a reflection of our philosophy," state the company's owners.


Lyvin Properties Indonesia specializes in real estate with hotel management and its own infrastructure in Bali's most attractive areas. Their target audience is the high-end tourist segment, which is currently underrepresented yet in high demand on the island, according to recent reports from the Bali Hotel Association.

The company has its own in-house construction firm and architectural office to ensure the premium quality of its properties. The finishes include precious woods, marble, and ceilings up to 5 meters high, providing an exceptionally comfortable guest experience. Guests can also enjoy drinking standard tap water.

The company's portfolio comprises three completed projects: premium-class villa complexes in Bali's most desirable locations featuring a total of 34 villas, a restaurant, and a spa. These projects have received exceptional feedback from guests. Currently, the company is constructing a new trio of developments on the promisingly developing Bukit Peninsula.

By Liliana Alvarez

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