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Kamran Afshar Naderi + Javad Sheri: In order to create a lasting impact that communicates with the environment and its community, the roots need to be addressed, regardless of the practical and technical issues that are least expected of a project. In this particular project, the first root to be considered was the identity of the city of Mashhad o...
Project name
Limited design competition of Mashhad Theater Campus (Third place in the competition)
Architecture firm
Kamran Afshar Naderi + Javad Sheri
Mashhad City, Iran
Javad Sheri
Royal Arena, a 35.000 square metre venue, has just opened in the middle of a residential area, and is designed by 3XN Architects together with HKS to be a good neighbour. The bowl and façade resonate with a feeling of warmth and intimacy, while imparting a strong Scandinavian sense of place....