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Habitat Horticulture proposes Confluence Rising, an iconic living tower that celebrates the confluence of nature, art and innovation. Visitors enjoy an entry plaza/café and experience panoramic views framed by lush plantings from balconies at every level culminating in a roof-top greenhouse and observation deck.
Project name
Confluence Rising
Architecture firm
Habitat Horticulture
Guadalupe Park, San Jose, California
200 feet
Amazon unveils a proposed design for the second phase of its Arlington, Virginia headquarters, designed by NBBJ. It seems to be inspired by Samarra Malwiya tower in Iraq or the Tower of Babel. 
Project name
The Helix
Architecture firm
Arlington, Virginia, United States
Creating an eco-friendly environment is an ongoing process. Rather than getting frustrated and giving up on this mission, you need to stay the course. Below are some things you can do to reduce the strain you and your family put on the environment.
Written by
Wendy Dessler
Cover image: Courtesy of Clearpoint / Milroy Perera