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Tetris Villa's by Mohammad Qasim Iqbal

Mohammad Qasim Iqbal
Nottingham Trent University
Tools used:
Project name:
Tetris Villa's
May 2023
Design year:
Built area:
Site area:
Concept - Design
Futuristic Architecture

Mohammad Qasim Iqbal: The Midjourney image series represents a captivating exploration of the concept of building perfection and the profound satisfaction derived from witnessing the precise alignment of pieces, reminiscent of the classic and beloved game that has captured the hearts of many. However, this series takes a bold and imaginative leap by embodying these enticing notions within the architectural framework of the villa typology. The resulting synthesis is a visually stunning amalgamation, where the intricate motifs and layered facades of the villa seamlessly interweave with vibrant, tessellated blocks reminiscent of the iconic Tetris game. 

An exceptional achievement of this series lies in its remarkable ability to blur the boundaries between the realms of gaming and architecture, forging a mesmerising union of two seemingly disparate worlds. While the block formations within the images might initially evoke a reminiscent nod to the playful and versatile nature of Lego, closer inspection reveals a meticulous attention to detail and a deliberate departure from the familiar aesthetic of the toy construction material. The blocks, with their precisely cut edges, exude an air of sophisticated precision, serving as a visual testament to the artist's distinct vision. The deliberate arrangement of these blocks further contributes to the overall impact, creating a pixelated effect that evokes a sense of nostalgia for the digital realm. This ingenious technique successfully blurs the line between the tangible reality of architectural structures and the immersive virtual reality of the game.

Colour assumes a pivotal role within this series, wielding its expressive power to juxtapose the traditional, subdued hues associated with villa aesthetics against the vivid and vibrant palette intrinsic to the Tetris game. This deliberate interplay of colour elevates the visual impact, injecting vitality, and dynamism into the static architectural forms. The most compelling images within the series are those that masterfully intertwine both realms, where colour seamlessly spills from the Tetris blocks, cascading onto the solid architectural elements such as balustrades and columns. This visual overflow symbolises a harmonious convergence, where the realms of play and construction intermingle and influence one another, transcending the conventional boundaries of their respective domains. In a captivating juxtaposition, neutral tones from the architectural elements subtly permeate the form of the Tetris blocks, further blurring the distinction between the two subjects. This intentional blending of colours ensures that no clear-cut separation exists, fostering an immersive and thought-provoking viewing experience.

As a result, the Midjourney image series masterfully captures the essence of the addictive and timeless allure of Tetris while simultaneously paying homage to the elegant discipline of architecture. Through a careful interplay of forms, colours, and aesthetics, the artist has deftly transformed the familiar mechanics of the game into an art form that challenges traditional perceptions and invites viewers on a visually striking and intellectually stimulating journey. The series stands as a testament to the artist's ability to seamlessly merge disparate realms, forging a new visual language that celebrates the inherent beauty of both gaming and architectural 

By Liliana Alvarez

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