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Looper suites in Sri Lanka designed by Nomadic Resorts

Nomadic Resorts launches the Looper suites for Wild Coast Tented Lodge, a spectacular eco-resort in Sri Lanka

Project description by architect:

The Looper is a customisable luxury accommodation pod developed by Nomadic Resorts for the (eco) hospitality industry. This tensile membrane structure is designed for rapid construction of eco-resorts, wellness retreats and wilderness camps in isolated and/or environmentally sensitive sites. The first Loopers were commissioned by Wild Coast Tented Lodge (WCTL), a unique 36-tent safari camp located near Yala National Park in the south of Sri Lanka. The bespoke interior was designed by Bo Reudler Studio.

Looper suites in Sri Lanka designed by Nomadic Resortsimage © Resplendent Ceylon

Nomadic Resorts wanted to create a sustainable development model for the hospitality industry with the comforts of a luxury hotel room and safety/durability for use in extreme environments. It aims to use as little material as possible to create a secure internal environment with minimal physical footprint; utilise sustainable and efficient technologies and recyclable materials while providing the highest level of luxury; and enhance the guest’s experience of nature. Prefabricating it offsite allows for a fast and efficient assembly process onsite.

the seaside resort in Sri Lanka image © Resplendent Ceylon

The result is a modular 42 m² cocoon-like pod composed of intersecting steel arches enveloped in a weather- resistant tensile membrane structure. It accommodates 28 m² of bedroom/living area and a 14 m² bathroom. The entire structure and surrounding deck are elevated on stilts to allow wildlife and water to pass below. Generous arched openings at front and rear, clad with low-E double-glazing, provide uninterrupted vistas of the natural surroundings, complemented by framed side views from the porthole windows, which were fabricated by luxury yacht makers. The interior, outdoor living areas and sustainability measures such as PV panels, solar hot water and rainwater collection systems can also be customised depending on the needs of the client and site conditions. The Loopers can be disassembled and relocated, as and when required.

resort among trees image © Nomadic Resorts

At WCTL, the Loopers are clustered in a meandering natural landscape that stretches from the bushland to the beach. Resembling a leopard paw print, each cluster overlooks a watering hole designed to attract wildlife. Four beachfront villas feature private plunge pools. The interior concept combines ecological luxury and local elegance with a contemporary edge. It captures a sense of exploration and adventure associated with steampunk, airships and safari and campaign tents. The arched interior feels cocooning yet spacious, with all elements meticulously designed to accommodate the curvature of the fabric-lined walls. Central to the main space is a four-poster bed and bespoke campaign furniture that evokes bygone eras of discovery.

the cocoon shape resort image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

In the open bathroom, guests bathing in the freestanding solid copper bath can enjoy private views of the bushland behind. Noble materials such as copper, brass, leather and plantation teak will age gracefully while local textiles add colourful accents. For WCTL Nomadic Resorts also designed the Urchin, a smaller tented pod intended to be used by families in combination with a Looper or as a separate unit. Its interior has a similar look and feel, and guests bathe with the elements in the outdoor shower.

Currently new Loopers are being customised for other resort projects around the world.

the cocoon shape hotel room wit outdoor poolimage © Marc Hernandez Folguera

reflection of hotel cocoon shaped room in the poolimage © Marc Hernandez Folguera

luxury bedroom image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

bedroom with cocoon shape image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

hotel room image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

chairs with side table image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

luxury metallic bathtub in hotel room image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

hotel room with luxury interior image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

luxury bathroom image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

luxury metallic bathtub image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

metallic washing basin image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

oval shape metallic washing basin in hotel room image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

the shower in bathroom image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

luxury toilet image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

luxury bedroom with circular window image © Resplendent Ceylon

luxury bedroom with large windows image © Resplendent Ceylon

outdoor pool with trees surrounded image © Marc Hernandez Folguera

cocoon shaped hotel room among trees image © Resplendent Ceylon

night view of the resort in Sri Lanka image © Resplendent Ceylon


Project name: Looper suites

Architecture firm: Nomadic Resorts

Design team: Olav Bruin, with Louis Thompson & Freddie Catlow

Location: Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Yala, Sri Lanka

Completion year: 2017

Interior design: Bo Reudler Studio
Design team: Bo Reudler, with Mandy Finke, Oana Tudose, Maddalena Gioglio, Daniela Oliveira, Nele Teerlinck

Landscape design: Nomadic Resorts

Environmental & MEP engineering: XC02 Energy

Lighting consultant: Robert Jan Vos

Contractor: Nomadic Resorts

Photography: Marc Hernandez Folguera, Nomadic Resorts, Resplendent Ceylon 

Client: Resplendent Ceylon

Program: 28 Looper suites and 8 Urchin children’s pods

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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