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Four Seasons Ski Resort in Shemshak, Tehran by Team Group

The Iranian architecture firm Team Group led by Davood Salavati has designed Four Seasons Ski Resort, located in Shemshak a ski resort situated to the north-east of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range.

Architect's statement: Through designing the Shemshak apartment villa, trends originating from Bionic design has left its most impact and brings along a harmonious dispersion.

Duplication of growing cells endeavoring to form an acceptable integrity for the private yards in a shoulder-to-shoulder fashion, the yards constituting the respiratory apertures of the body of the structure; these charming structures lied in nature are not deprived from metaphor of organic design architecture.

Four Seasons Ski Resort in Shemshak, Tehran by Team GroupVisualization by Amirali Sharifi

a ski resort with black apartment facade located in northern Tehran Visualization by Amirali Sharifi

resort with many balconies surrounded by green landscape Visualization by Amirali Sharifi

black building among nature Visualization by Amirali Sharifi

a black building surrounded with green nature Visualization by Amirali Sharifi

rendering image of a black building on a green hill Visualization by Amirali Sharifi

shemshak ski resort in the labors mountain Visualization by Amirali Sharifi

Architectural DiagramDiagram

Architectural DiagramDiagram

Analyze drawing Analyze 

Analyze drawing Analyze 

Analyze  drawing Analyze 

Analyze  drawing Analyze 

Analyze drawing Analyze 


Project name: Four Seasons Ski Resort

Architecture firm: Team Group

Principal architect: Davood Salavati

Design team: Davood Salavati, Nazli Azarakhsh, Amirali Sharifi, Asma Pirooz, Mahsa Aghahasel, Sheila Shahraki

Location: Shemshak, Tehran, Iran 

Design year: 2020

Completion year: Continuous

Built area: 13000 m²

Site area: 5000 m²

Interior design: Davood Salavati

Landscape: Davood Salavati

Civil engineer: Mojtaba Hashemi

Structural engineer: Mojtaba Hashemi

Environmental & MEP engineering: Ali Abbaszade

Lighting: Ali Abbaszadde

Construction: Behrouz Mohammadzade

Visualization: Amirali Sharifi

Technical drawings: Asma Pirooz, Mahsa Aghahasel

Presentation: Sheila Shahraki, Mahsa Aghahasel, Amirhosein Alizamani

Client: Saeid Zahedinasab

Status: Under construction

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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