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The design brief for Terra Limassol was simple but extravagant; to design a residential tower as a setof vertically stacked individual villa’s on top of a commercial plinth.
Project name
Architecture firm
Orange Architects
Limassol, Cyprus
The Japan based architectural office Life Style Koubou has designed "One year project" family villa that located at the base of Mount Bandai a stratovolcano in Inawashiro-town, Bandai-town, and Kitashiobara village, in Yama-Gun, Fukushima prefecture, Japan.  Project description by the architects:...
The Barcelona and Mexico city based architecture studio Cadaval & Solà-Morales has designed "MA house" that located at 60 Km from Mexico City, Tepoztlán, México. Project description by the architects: The commission of the house comes together with the explicit petition to use stone as the mai...
The Tehran based architecture, design and research group ReNa Design has designed "Qorveh House" that located in Qorveh, Kurdistan, Iran. Project description by the architects: Qorveh house is located 90 km from the center of Kurdistan province in Iran. Given the client desires, the house is d...
The Chile based arcitect Felipe Lagos has designed "Casa R" that located in Vilches VII Region, Chile.  Project description by the architects: Casa R is a holiday refuge for extreme climates located halfway up the Andes mountain, specifically at the town of Vilches, VII Southern Region of Chil...