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The City Next futuristic showroom by anySCALE

The Beijing-based architecture and interior design firm anySCALE has designed ''The City Next'' a futuristic showroom in a government-funded regional program called Future Science City, Beijing, China

Project description by the architects: 

The project for CR Land is an ultra-dimensional exhibition space in the Future Science City in Beijing. The location determined the balance of tech solutions and a warm aesthetic the firm matched for the premises. It was designed to create the space capable of delivering futuristic and ethereal experiences.

The City Next futuristic showroom by anySCALEimage © Xia Zhi

The firm reached the idea and concept by means of metal, mirrors, glass, led lights. The firm integrated the functions of the exhibition hall into a futuristic space, combining intelligent lighting control and embedded audio and video systems, and added progressive scenes to guide customers.

the interior design of the building in chinaimage © Xia Zhi

the glass bench image © Xia Zhi

The highlight of the design is the metal mesh curtain »SUPER WALL«, with lighting and air conditioning systems.

The City Next futuristic showroom by anySCALE in Beijing chinaimage © Xia Zhi

The glass chair design image © Xia Zhi

the glass wall in Beijing china image © Xia Zhi

Architect: anySCALE

Design team: Tom chan, Kevin Wang

Client: CR Land

Year: 2018

Area: 850 m²

Photographer: Xia Zhi

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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