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A silver award at the IADA 2024 went to Ukrainian designers for the interior of a restaurant in Kyiv

Written by:
Tetiana Bielinska
Znak Design

Ukrainian design and architecture studio Znak Design has won a silver award at the International Architecture & Design Awards 2024, which is held annually by The Architecture & Design Community, an international community of designers and architects.

For the third year in a row, this award recognizes the best works in the field of interior, architectural, product, and communication design. The participants' projects were evaluated by leading designers and architects from 17 countries. Znak Design Studio won in the Cafe and Bar Aesthetics Completed/Professional category with the Slava U restaurant case study.

Slava U restaurant is located in the historic center of Kyiv. The interior designers started from the existing basic composition: wooden ceiling, stylish black metal cladding on the walls and near the windows, as well as bricks, which were cleaned of old paint and restored. The atmosphere of the room was complemented by original furniture, lamps and decor, which, due to their craftsmanship, added emotionality to the space, as well as the elegant black Ukrainian ornament on the wall.

“I like the idea that creativity is not about destroying the existing to create something completely new, but about how to use modern tools to restore and emphasize the historical value of what we already have. I am glad that my team and I were able to implement this concept in Slava U. And I would like to thank the talented Ukrainian craftsmen who helped us to realize our ideas in unique lamps. This award by the international community is their victory as well,” comments Vadym Ziuziuk, founder and CEO of Znak Design.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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