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Luxury residential seaside home, La Belle Vue by Bomax Architects and OKHA interior design studio

Located in a small beachfront community in South Africa, Project La Belle Vue was a complete architectural renovation and extension by Bomax Architects and an OKHA Interior Architecture and Design Project.

Architect's statement: The house was to provide a place of sanctuary and repose from the fast paced life of this international executive of African descent. From its elevated position, the house has spectacular views of both mountain and ocean which are visible from every aspect of the house. There are extensive balconies and terraces both at the front and back of the house and large windows frame the mountain and sea views from the interior.


The front of the property literally unzips across the entire front façade allowing direct access from the dining, living, entertainment and master bedroom to the exterior on both levels.

armchair near the cabin full of wine bottles  image © Karl Rogers

metalic door image © Mickey Hoyle

Although the architecture expresses a modern, almost minimalist aesthetic, the client wished to express his African heritage through elements of the interior; subsequently much of the furniture items were custom designed to subtly articulate an African modernism and luxury.

pendant lamp hanged over dining table near a rock inside the house image © Mickey Hoyle

dining table near window with beautiful seaside view image © Mickey Hoyle

The OKHA designed three dimensional, sculpted and carved front door was inspired by traditional African motifs and sculpture and sets the tone for further contemporary interpretations found throughout the interior.

modern pendant lamp hanged over wooden dining table in living area image © Mickey Hoyle

The ground floor formal lounge area is soothing in its chalky monochromatic palette, allowing natural light to sculpt and enhance the interior architecture and stucco walls. The furniture uses strong lines, clean forms and materials such as etched raw oak, vintage leather, satin brass and granite to create a timeless elegance.

African wooden sculpture decoded over the table image © Mickey Hoyle

modern kitchen with marble stone image © Mickey Hoyle

The entertainment level which houses the homes audio visual home cinema system, is a more vibrant experience with rich African earth inspired colours, custom graphic rugs, a classic retro feel gives the upper level a distinct attitude.

modern white kitchen image © Mickey Hoyle

living area with comfortable sofa near fireplace image © Mickey Hoyle

triangular mirror and flower post used as decoration near the fireplace image © Mickey Hoyle

home decoration with flower pots and triangular mirror image © Mickey Hoyle

modern staircase design image © Mickey Hoyle

cozy living space with comfortable sofa image © Mickey Hoyle

table lamp near the staircase image © Mickey Hoyle

stone used as decoration over the table image © Mickey Hoyle

modern living room design image © Mickey Hoyle

metalic staircase handrail image © Mickey Hoyle

living room design with cozy and comfortable sofa image © Mickey Hoyle

fashionable circular sofa in the living room image © Mickey Hoyle

orange love chair image © Mickey Hoyle

bedroom design with bathtub inside the room image © Mickey Hoyle

white ceramic bathtub image © Mickey Hoyle

wooden deck terrace with sea and beach view image © Mickey Hoyle

seaside house with outdoor furniture image © Mickey Hoyle


Project name: La Belle Vue

Architecture firm: Bomax Architects

Interior design: OKHA Interiors

Location: Llandudno, Cape Town, South Africa

Photography: Mickey Hoyle, Karl Rogers

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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