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Shaddai House in Medellín, Colombia by Era Arquitectura

The Medellín-based architecture & design firm Era Arquitectura led by Eduardo Muñera has recently completed Shaddai House, a single-family home located in Medellín, Antioquia province, Colombia.

Architect’s Statement: 

This single-family house project located on the outskirts of Medellín. The main premise of the house was to highlight the view of the forest that is in the back of the lot. It was intended to integrate the architecture among all the green of the mountain through a black roof shingle and a natural stone veneer. The composition corresponds to the client's request to separate the main bedroom area on one side so that it could be isolated from the house and a social area on the other side connected to the main access. Due to the slope of the land, a lower space is generated that is used to create a social area and services.

Shaddai House in Medellín, Colombia by Era Arquitectura image © Carlos Velez 

the stone house with artificial lighting at night image © Carlos Velez 

house constructed on a hill in Medellin Colombia image © Carlos Velez 

house with landscape view through large vertical window image © Carlos Velez 

natural sunlight enters the staircase area through skylight in the ceiling image © Carlos Velez 

staircase with metallic handrail image © Carlos Velez 

bathroom with stone wall image © Carlos Velez 

modern kitchen with island image © Carlos Velez 

kitchen design with island image © Carlos Velez 

luxury house with fireplace at night image © Carlos Velez 

corridor with black structure image © Carlos Velez 

the entrance pivot door to a stone house image © Carlos Velez 

stone house with bulb light at sunset time image © Carlos Velez 

stone house on a hillimage © Carlos Velez 

bedroom with backyard view from the window image © Carlos Velez 

the house entrance with shade roof image © Carlos Velez 

Ground Floor Plan Ground Floor Plan 

First Floor Plan First Floor Plan 

Roof Plan Roof Plan 

Architectural Section drawing Section

Architectural Section DrawingSection

House Elevation Drawing Elevation

House Elevation Drawing Elevation

House Elevation Drawing Elevation

House Elevation Drawing Elevation


Project name: Casa Shaddai

Architecture firm: Era Arquitectura

Principal architect: Eduardo Munera

Design team: Valentina Chacon, Manuela López, Carolina Rojas 

Location: Medellín, Antioquia province, Colombia

Design year: 2017

Completion year: 2020

Built area: 420 m²

Site area: 1,800 m²

Landscape: Cliente

Civil engineer: Krear Ingeniería 

Structural engineer: Krear Ingeniería 

Environmental & MEP engineering: Bioclimatica Co

Lighting: EDI

Construction: Bioclimatica Co

Supervision: Bioclimatica Co

Photography: Carlos Velez 

Client: ML

Status: Completed

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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