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QHouse 1, Buenos Aires, Argentina by Social Arquitectos

Project name:
QHouse 1
Architecture firm:
Social Arquitectos
Estancia San Ramon, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alejandro Peral
Principal architect:
Guido Piaggio
Design team:
Social Arquitectos
Interior design:
Mola Arquitectura + Social Arquitectos
Built area:
300 m²
Site area:
1100 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Social Arquitectos
Social Arquitectos
Social Arquitectos
Tools used:
Social Arquitectos
Main materials Concrete / Glass / Steel Framing / Travertine Stone
Residential › House

Social Arquitectos: QHouse 1 was the first prototype in a series of houses called Qhouse. It was conceived during the pandemic as a response to the urban exodus, offering an affordable solution for people seeking green and open spaces outside the city. Spanning 220 square meters, this house features a flexible design that can adapt to the user's needs while maintaining a coherent and aesthetically pleasing structure.

By combining two construction systems, concrete and steel frame, construction times were accelerated and the house became more efficient, leveraging the advantages of each material. The exposed concrete and sheet metal coexist harmoniously, defining a unique aesthetic. The ground floor, predominantly made of exposed concrete, promotes integration and continuity with the exterior through a floor plate that provides new circulation options and access to the house. The focus was on creating a relaxed and unconventional space, with the exterior serving as the dominant and principal area. The large island on the ground floor encourages shared activities, while the doors seamlessly blend into the cerejeira wood cladding, adding scale and synthesis to this distinctive space. The windows and materiality connect the interior with the gallery-grill area.

An internal staircase, housed within a library, leads to the upper floor, which is filled with natural light and the greenery of the central patio. Circulation spaces surround this warm and glazed area, and a study offers a privileged vantage point to enjoy the surroundings. The central patio becomes the focal point, around which leisure spaces and pathways through green areas and wood are designed to transform ordinary moments into unique experiences.

The upper floor comprises two junior suites and a main suite with a northeast-facing view of the lake, completing this level.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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