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Durst Group AG in Brixen, Italy by monovolume architecture + design

Project name:
Durst Group AG
Architecture firm:
monovolume architecture + design
Via Julius Durst, 4, 39042, Brixen, Italy
Luca Girardini, Paolo Riolzi, Nachbar Rolf
Principal architect:
Patrik Pedó, Jury Anton Pobitzer
Design team:
Federico Beckmann, Alessandro Sassi, Diego Preghenella, Giorgia Vernareccio, Barbara Waldboth, Silvio Grasso
Built area:
27.334 m²
Site area:
5.716 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
KTB Engineering Design Group (Thermo-sanitary project), Hans Landmann (Façade planner), Pohl+Partner (Project manager)
Interior design:
Structural engineer:
Kauer Ingenieure
Environmental & MEP:
Von Lutz electrical and lighting projects (Electrical project)
monovolume architecture+design
Tools used:
Durst Group AG
Commercial › Headquarters, Workspace

Story of pixels on a white wave. At the entrance to the small city of Brixen lies the headquarters of the Durst Group AG. Surrounded by green, wooded slopes, the spectacular new construction forms a gateway to the town and constitutes a reflection of the company.

The constant company expansion required an extension of the existing building by South Tyrolean architectural pioneer Othmar Barth. The goal was to maintain the integrity of the original building and form, a new building that would harmonize with the existing structure. The design was inspired by Barth's original drawings, which envisioned a tower to the South. Through an organic architecture, this idea was translated into a contemporary language and thus completes the existing building. As an anchor point the sculptural tower strives towards the sky making the company headquarters into a landmark visible from afar.

As a white, protective wing, the façade covers the building and smoothly transitions from verticality to horizontality. At the front, 850 pixel-shaped windows symbolise the company's status as a leading manufacturer of high-performance printing systems. Individual LED lighting on the pixels sets the scene for the building at night and turns it into a holistic work of art.

At the ground floor the entrance area which connects directly to the existing building. The offices are located on the upper floors. Here, the new building maintains a deliberate respectful distance to Barth's building creating a place of relaxation for the staff with a roof garden. Large glass fronts allow natural light to flood through the building and provide views of the surrounding Dolomites. The sculptural and organic design language of the exterior architecture is continued in the interior architecture and furniture design, making the project a harmonious ensemble.

With this project, monovolume architecture + design has set new standards in corporate architecture and at the same time created a new identity-forming home for the Durst Group and its staff.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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