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Dancing Lantern by Sophia Michopoulou

Product name:
Dancing Lantern
Wood specialist: Doulis wood applications | Electrical support: E.Karantakis
Product type:
Office Lighting
Sophia Michopoulou
Ceiling, Interior. a lighting sculpture that floats above the visitor
Digital fabrication
Twenty-eight CNC cut plywood slices
Multiple unique elements
Timber plywood
1 m². 45, 60 and 90 m in height
Natural timber
500 €

Designed by Sophia Michopoulou, The “Dancing lantern” is a minimal chandelier, inspired by curves formed in nature, such as anemones and tentacles.

Although a static piece, the flow generated by life in the installation room creates a mesmerizing flow, which results in various light formations.

wooden pendant lamp image © Sophia Michopoulou 

The structure: The chandelier comprises of twenty-eight ornaments made of CNC cut plywood. Diverted from the widespread CNC cutting of manufacturing identical and repetitive parts, the present is fabricating multiple unique elements that compose an integrated ensemble while sequenced.

timber plywood hanging lights image © Sophia Michopoulou 

Material and methods: The plywood as a raw material is sustainable and economic. Moreover, CNC cutting is a simple and safe method which showcases the versatility and remarkable aesthetics of digital fabrication. Created through the integration of algorithmic and generative design methodologies as well as with large scale digital fabrication tools, the outcome is a novel architectural expression which establishes new prospects in the digital design field.

turned on hanging lights image © Sophia Michopoulou 

timber wood frame

image © Sophia Michopoulou 

timber plywood pendant lamps image © Sophia Michopoulou 

hanging lights with light bulb image © Sophia Michopoulou 

bicycle under staircase image © Sophia Michopoulou 

computer screens on office desk image © Sophia Michopoulou 

cutting woods image © Sophia Michopoulou 

elevation drawing Elevation 

Assembly Sketch Assembly Sketch 

Connect with the Sophia Michopoulou 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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