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It’s finally time! You might be someone who just got the keys for their first apartment, or you might be bored with the way your home looks. Maybe it’s looked the same for ages, and you just crave change. So it’s finally time to redecorate. Home decor can be used to easily elevate the look of your home, and switch it up completely, so you don’t nee...
Written by
Allen Brown
Curology, Manja Vitolic (Cover image)
Fabric adds interest and mood to a room. Layering fabric textures is a basic decorating technique that should be used in all rooms. You can create plain, relaxed, and very welcoming spaces by mixing your fabrics and adding some sheer fabric, a little faux fur fabric, or a piece of quilted fabric.
Written by
Sina Saadatmand (Cover Image), Engin Akyurt
As its name so subtly suggests, the Japandi interior design style is a simple combination of Japanese and Scandinavian elements. While these two styles might not seem to be so similar at first, they both incorporate plenty of clean, simple, and natural aspects, while putting an emphasis on functionality, minimalism, and the aesthetic value of modes...
Written by
Lilly Miller
Daniel Chen, Davide Cantelli, Paul Hanaoka, 五玄土 ORIENTO
The innovative New York-based architecture and interior design firm Mojo Stumer Associates has designed Old Westbury Residence, a private house located in Old Westbury, New York, USA.
Project name
Old Westbury Residence
Architecture firm
Mojo Stumer Associates
Old Westbury, New York, USA
Mark Stumer
Dancing Lantern is a parametric pendant lamp designed by Sophia Michopoulou
Product name
Dancing Lantern
Wood specialist: Doulis wood applications | Electrical support: E.Karantakis
Product type
Office Lighting