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Spiritual "AI Mosque" by Marwa EL Nahas

Project name:
Spiritual "AI Mosque"
Architecture firm:
MN Designs “Marwa El Nahas”
Al-Muizz li-Din Allah al-Fatimi Street Cairo, Egypt
Tools used:
Midjouney AI, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Marwa EL Nahas
Design team:
Marwa EL Nahas
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Concept - Design
Future Architecture

Marwa El Nahas an Architect , Interior Designer & 3d Visualizer from Egypt , I Have been Using the power of Artificial Intelligence tool Midjourney integrated with my concepts to create this powerful design for a Futuristic AI Mosque , In this project I want to create a Mosque with our Heritage & Identity, This Mosque is inspired from Islamic Architecture & Egyptian Islamic Architecture patterns.

Islamic Architecture is the most recognizable & the most admired in the world, it’s known for it’s uniqueness, beauty, powerful & timelessness. Islamic Architecture has a special structural properties that has been used by Muslims to be aware of their own identity. Islamic Architecture has been influenced by both Islamic religion and the renaissance that has followed it. It differed from region to region.

Modern Islamic Architecture represents a fusion of a rich Islamic Artistic heritage with new forms & styles. The Design was inspired from Islamic architecture geometrical patterns.

About the Location, Al-Muizz li-Din Allah al-Fatimi Street Cairo, Egypt because this street displays the greatest density of significant Islamic Monuments. This street make it easy to explore both Islamic cairo’s history & the modern neighborhood that exist alongside this aging Architecture.

The design was balanced and proportionated symmetrical form. The Minarets represents the holy & pureness. Arches used to elevates the spirit it symbolizes strength, support, lightness &

Hospitality. The dome represents perfection & Eternity. The Blue Color reflects Calmness, peaceful & relaxation which is much needed in this spiritual mosque. The brown color evoke feeling of warmth, security & earthiness. The gold one reflects wisdom, wealth & Materialistic. Dome Motifs to create a breathtaking patterns meant to inspire. Here’s a series of mosque designs with the same concept and inspiration by using the tool of AI.

“When Human Imagination Integrated with Artificial Intelligence.”

By Liliana Alvarez

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