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Dórica reissues the Boreal Chair to highlight its timeless essence

Product name:
Boreal Chair
Product type:
Sebastián Ángeles
Wood Chair , Mexican Contemporary Design
46 cm x 50 cm x 80 cm
Tzalam , Oak , Black Wood
Chair , Seats
$580 USD

Sebastián Ángeles, designer at the Mexican furniture company, refines the ergonomics and robustness of one of his most well-known pieces, thanks to technological innovations that emphasize its evocative sensorial aesthetic.

The interpretation of natural forms in design is the signature of the Mexican furniture company Dórica, which based on passionate and meticulous observation develops timeless objects that transcend thanks to their strikingly evocative sensorial character.

First conceived by Sebastián Ángeles in 2017 as part of the collection of the same name, comprising a chair, table, bench and stool, the Boreal chair was designed as the perfect harmonization of that fundamental pair: form and function. From first sketches to prototypes, its manufacture has entailed production challenges, overcome thanks to the passion and dedication of its creator in dialogue with the master carpenters.

The outline, movement and curves convey the rhythm and freedom embodied in the organic elements, while the material aspect respects the texture of tzalam with finishes that enhance the properties of this tropical wood, with its warm brown hues, the beauty of its grain, its solidity and smoothness to the touch.

Ángeles reaffirms his connection with the Boreal chair in this re-issued version launched in 2020 that revisits the original model, with improvements achieved through high-tech tools such as digital control (CNC), adjusting the ergonomics to firstly correct the angle of the chair back for greater comfort, and secondly strengthen the joints in the legs to ensure unbeatable robustness.

he improved Boreal chair is a step that enables Dórica to enhance its production processes, emphasizing the responsibility with which it approaches its projects and materials, which together will ensure it reaches new spaces with lasting pieces of furniture that users can enjoy for a lifetime.

The intention of the Boreal chair as an object—a value shared by all Dórica pieces—is to connect with the emotions of whoever chooses it, to integrate it into their personal space and shape their environment, imbuing it with a sense of peace and a connection with nature.

The reissue of the Boreal chair reaffirms the Dórica signature, which imagines furniture with a strong identity, provides a genuine experience for the senses, and brings harmony to interior design.

Photo credits:  Mariana Achach

About Dórica

Founded in 2016 –as a project of Sebastián Ángeles– Dórica, a Mexican furniture firm, reinterprets the natural beauty of wood and incorporates a minimalist aesthetic, giving life to objects that bring comfort and elegance to spaces.

The brand’s refined balance between a conceptual background and contemporary lines evokes the sensory qualities that detonate the cabinetmaking worked by artisan expertise.

Dórica’s pieces are worked in detail and naturally, respecting the properties of the raw materials and enhancing their attractiveness. The elements of the different collections can be purchased directly on www.dorica.com.mx

About Sebastián Ángeles

Sebastián Ángeles, a Mexican industrial designer, is Director and Co-founder at Dórica and a member of Mass Colectivo. He’s also a creative collaborator for different leading brands of Mexican design. His work has been exhibited at Ventura Future in Milan, Italy, and in the Museo Tamayo during Mexico Design Week in 2017 and 2018.

His work reflects the synthesis of basic elements of everyday life–reinterpreted with contemporary codes that demonstrate the power of a renewing aesthetic–, to create completely new sensations.

By Liliana Alvarez

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