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Sebastián Ángeles Presents Frequency, A Collection Of Art Objects That Combine Design And Well-Being

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Sebastián Ángeles
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Sebastián Ángeles
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The young Mexican designer explores his most experimental side with a collection inspired by the frequencies of sound, which he will launch at the next edition of WantedDesign Manhattan.

The abstraction of sound frequencies and their wave patterns are the starting point of Frequency, the new furniture collection by Sebastián Ángeles, a project with an experimental character in both concept and materials with which the studio will participate in WantedDesign Manhattan. In Frequency, Ángeles’ musings lead him down a path where design meets sounds related to healing to create two limited edition art-object pieces.

In this set, we appreciate the artisanal approach to the treatment of materials, the application of advances in ergonomics and the absolutely conceptual background, which is the constant thread that runs through his different proposals. In the creative process, which had a different approach from other proposals, Ángeles used technological artifacts—sound visualizers—by means of which sound frequencies are recorded and captured in graphic patterns. Using these, the 396HZ chair and the 528HZ side table were sketched.

For the 396HZ chair, the starting point was the visual representation of the frequency of the healing sound, which helps torelease feelings of guilt and fear. The shapes of the pattern defined the curves of a highly ergonomic design, which adapts to the shape of the body, enhancing comfort. The three-legged form reflects the complex technical process needed toobtain a stable piece of furniture that has aesthetic impact.

The 528HZ side table, meanwhile, tunes into the frequency associated with the sound of love, which is also related to healing, transformation and reestablishing balance. Its concave shape with subtle curves projects the rhythm of the wavesthat represent the softness and fluidity associated with this emotion.

For the Frequency collection, Ángeles chose to use bronze with a blued finish—a noble material that adapts to any shape—due to its texture and tactile properties, which mean it is possible to generate sounds when in contact with it.

The use of this alloy is a sign of experimentation, while at the same time evoking the tradition of metallurgy, present inMexico since pre-Hispanic times, later enriched by the Spanish influence and still in force today thanks to craft expertise.

The pieces in the Frequency collection, which evoke the harmonious encounter between art and well-being, have been conceived to be admired, to be interacted with, and to inhabit the space in a forceful way, while bringing a sense of calm to both the space and the user.

Ángeles will launch Frequency at WantedDesign Manhattan, a platform that has been running for over a decade that promotes international talent, to be held May 21-23 at the Javits Center in New York.

This is the latest phase in Sebastián Ángeles’ notable design career, which has also seen him present work at several editions of Design Week Mexico, Abierto Mexicano de Diseño and, recently, at Zona MACO.


Sebastián Ángeles, a Mexican industrial designer, is Director and Co-founder at Dórica and a member of Mass Colectivo. He’s also a creative collaborator for different leading brands of Mexican design. His work has been exhibited at Ventura Future in Milan, Italy, and in the Museo Tamayo during Mexico Design Week in 2017 and 2018.

His work reflects the synthesis of basic elements of everyday life–reinterpreted with contemporary codes that demonstrate the power of a renewing aesthetic–, to create completely new sensations.

Photo credits: Mariana Achach

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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