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Will A Home Renovation Raise Or Lower My Home Insurance?

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Scarlett Wells

When considering a home renovation, many homeowners are concerned about the impact it may have on their insurance policy. While some renovations can lower your rates, others may cause them to rise. So before you begin any major remodeling projects in your home, it’s important to understand how they could affect your insurance coverage and premiums.

Here's what you need to know about home renovations and insurance policies so that you can make an informed decision when making changes to your property.

Overview of the Impact of Home Renovations on Insurance

Generally speaking, home renovations can have both a positive and a negative impact on your insurance premiums. Certain remodeling projects may lead to lower rates because they can reduce the risk of damage from things like fires or natural disasters.

For example, if you install fire safety equipment like smoke detectors or sprinkler systems, your rates will likely be reduced due to the added level of protection these items provide. Updates such as additional layers of roofing may help decrease your chances of water damage, which could also lead to lower insurance costs.

On the other hand, some types of renovations can cause your premiums to increase. If you add an expensive item to your property, such as a swimming pool or hot tub, the value of your home will go up, which could lead to higher rates. Also, any renovations that you make to an older home may require additional coverage due to its age and condition.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Insurance Rates Low After a Renovation

First, be sure to inform your insurer about any changes you make to the property so that they can provide an accurate quote for coverage. As mentioned earlier, consider ways to reduce risks and lower rates, such as installing fire safety equipment or updating plumbing and electrical systems.

Next, be sure to shop around for the best rates and coverage. Different companies may offer different rates and discounts, so it pays to take the time to compare policies from several providers.

Finally, consider increasing your deductible. It can lower your premium payments but also means that you’ll have to pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim.

Considerations When Choosing a Home Renovation Project

If you plan on making any major changes to your property, such as adding a room or remodeling the kitchen, then it’s best to contact your insurance provider beforehand so that they can provide an accurate quote for the new coverage.

Additionally, if you’re considering any expensive items like a pool or hot tub, it might be worth shopping around for different insurance providers to see if you can get better rates elsewhere. And, of course, keeping track of all receipts and documents related to your renovation projects will ensure that you are properly compensated if something happens and you need to file a claim.

No matter which type of renovation you’re considering, it’s always a good idea to make sure that the project is up to code and meets all local building regulations. Doing so will not only help protect your home from potential damages, but it could also lead to lower premiums.

What to Do If You’re Unhappy With Your Current Policy and Premiums After a Renovation

If you’re not satisfied with your current policy or premiums after making home renovations, there are a few options available. You can try negotiating with your insurer for a better deal or changing homeowners insurance providers that may offer lower rates. You can also look into additional coverage, such as extended warranties or umbrella insurance.

Wrapping Up

Making improvements to your home can be a great way to add value and increase the utilization of the property. But it’s important to remember that any changes you make can affect your insurance policy and premiums.

Consider discussing any plans with your insurer ahead of time, and research different providers if you’re looking for better rates. With the right approach, you should be able to find a policy and coverage that meets both your needs and budget.

Good luck with all of your home renovation projects!

By Liliana Alvarez

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