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How to maximise your living room’s potential

Written by:
Amy Brown
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The living room became the heart of the home in lockdown. It’s a space to relax and hang out with the family – whether you’re playing a board game or binge-watching Netflix. You can have fun with the interior design of the living room. It needs to be a cosy, comfortable and relaxing space to spend time in.

Furniture specialist, Hammonds UK, looked at how Brits used their homes in lockdown. They found that our time spent in the living room increased by a whopping 135% in the pandemic. On average, we spent 6 hours and 53 minutes in the living room every day and an extra thirty minutes watching TV.

It’s important to maximise your living room’s potential when spending that much time in it. Here are a few ways you can get your living room décor just right.

living room space design infographic

Use built in storage

The living room is the perfect place for hidden storage. Conceal storage under your coffee table, TV cabinet and vertical shelving. You can store blankets, spare linen, books and toys in the storage cabinets. Remember to organise your items and keep your storage as clutter-free as possible.

Use a large mirror

If you have a smaller living room, you need to open up the space and welcome in more light. A large mirror reflects light and makes the room feel bigger than it is. Place the mirror opposite a window and watch the natural bounce light around the space.

Choose light colours

A neutral colour palette will make the room feel fresh and bright. Use lighter colours on the walls to open up the room and compliment the natural light flooding in. Natural tones, like sage, cream and brown, create a minimal chic style. Or, you could opt for a more playful design with pastel pink walls.

Add a feature piece

You need an accent piece to tie the room together. You could add a gallery wall or a bold colour to one wall in the room. Alternatively, you could find a statement piece of furniture to focus the room.  A luxury sofa in rich velvet or a standout coffee table can tie the different elements of the room together.

 Use smaller items

Smaller decorative pieces make the room feel homely and cosy. Sprinkle a few family photos, vases and ornaments around the room. Use vertical shelving to display your trinkets and stick to one of two items per shelf. Try to avoid overwhelming the room with too much décor. Remember, your statement piece is the centre of attention, and your decorative items are there to compliment it.

Give your living room a new sense of style with a few design updates.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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