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Staging Your Living Room To Sell Your House Fast

Written by:
Neal Taylor
Jon'Nathon Stebbe

If you’re looking to sell your house fast, you’re not alone. For many people, the length of the process involved with selling a home is maybe the most frustrating piece. Zoopla data has long indicated that it can take, on average, between four and six months to sell your home, and the last thing you want is to wait half a year to sell your property. Fortunately, however, there is one way to sell it much faster, and that’s to stage your home. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of staging a home, it simply means making it look magazine ready to help showcase its best features. Virtual home staging will help homeowners and real estate agents bring their property ideas to life with stunning and realistic services. The reality, though, is that home staging doesn’t have to involve every room in your house. Instead, it can involve the most important ones to buyers, and often that means the living room. What can you do to make your living room staging a success? These tips can help.

Find the Right Muse

Most people don’t hire a professional home stager, especially if they’re just staging their living room, and if that’s the case, you’ll want to get at least a bit of inspiration before you get started. You can do that from social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. They’ll help you determine both the right colours and layout for the room. You may even find some home staging websites with before and after pictures posted online to help you better understand what moves to make.

Plan Carefully

Before you buy paint or start deciding where to put things, you’ll want to do some planning. There are a number of online floor plan sites that can help you determine the arrangement for various pieces in your living room, and it may help to do that before you do anything else. Keep in mind that it’s essential to create a focal point in your living room to help draw a buyer’s eye toward that space. That could be your seating arrangement or the fireplace in your home. Either way, arrange the furniture, art, and décor around that focal point, and leave lots of space for pathways to get around the room. Most experts will tell you not to place furniture against the walls, as it can make a room look too crowded. Instead, you’ll want to showcase as much space as possible.

Don’t Forget About Texture and Colour

Neutral colours tend to be best in a living room, but you can use small pops of colour with the artwork you select or something like a bright throw pillow. Remember, that you want to create a space that isn’t too overstimulating. You want it to look as relaxing as possible. You can also consider adding texture to the space by adding small, lightweight rugs to the area.

Consider Plants

Believe it or not, plants can actually help sell a space. Plant help a space feel serene, and they can create visual depth other kinds of additions simply can’t. If you know you won’t be able to keep a plant alive throughout the sales process, though, it’s okay to add fake plants to the room, as they can be just as powerful as the real thing.

Balance Matters

As you work to truly showcase your living room’s best features, one thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that balance truly matters in this space. Because it’s one of the largest rooms in the house, you’ll want to make certain that you create the perfect balance between the physical features of the room and the objects that you have in the room. You probably already have beautiful furniture and art pieces along with a bit of décor, but if that’s not working well with the room itself, you already have a problem. Think about the layout of the room, and consider what makes sense and where it makes sense. If you have too many things, you’re not showcasing the potential for the room, so it may be helpful to eliminate what you can by simply storing it until after you’ve completed the sale of your home.

Staging really can be a powerful weapon as you try to sell your home. Working even with just the living room alone is a great way to sell your house fast. By investing time and effort into staging your living room, you can create a positive and memorable first impression for potential buyers. A well-staged living room can enhance the overall appeal of your home, increase its perceived value, and ultimately contribute to a faster and more successful sale.

By Liliana Alvarez

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